• Board Approval of Contracts

    When does a contract have to go to the Board for approval?

    All purchase orders, revenue contracts, and expenditure contracts for $150,000 or more and all amendments which increase the total contract value to $150,000 or more require Board approval prior to contract execution.

    How does a contract get to the Board?

    Purchasing & Contracting creates resolutions for submission to the Board office and inclusion in the Board's business agenda.

    Submit your contract to Purchasing & Contracting. We will review all contracts and documentation prior to placing them on the Board agenda.

    Only fully negotiated contracts with all attachments and necessary documentation will be placed on the business agenda resolution for approval by the Board. Depending on the contract type, documentation may include contract exhibits, ITB/ITB-C/RFP specifications, Direct Negotiation Justification, and/or Sole Source Justification.

    Purchasing & Contracting may delay placement of a contract on the Board agenda if further documentation or a more detailed scope of work is required.

    Contracts requiring Board approval are due to Purchasing & Contracting no later than Thursday, 11 days before the next Tuesday Board meeting

    If you have additional questions regarding Board approval, please contact Paul Williams