• Public Contracting Rules

    The District’s purchasing and contracting activities are governed by Oregon Revised Statutes (primarily ORS 279A, ORS 279B and ORS 279C) and Board policy in the form of our PPS Public Contracting Rules, which are in turn modeled after the Attorney General's Model Public Contracting Rules. Oregon Revised Statutes and the PPS Public Contracting Rules categorize purchases as follows:

    • Division 46:  Personal services (e.g., services of an attorney, auditor, nurse, educator, writer, or artist)
    • Division 47:  Goods and trade services (e.g., window washing, repair of office equipment, or equipment maintenance)
    • Division 48:  Architecture, engineering, land surveying or related consultant services
    • Division 49:  Construction, including public improvements and public works

    PPS Public Contracting Rules

    PPS Public Contracting Rules - Revised February 2024 (effective immediately for all procurements beginning February 7, 2024)

    PPS Public Contracting Rules - Revised May 2019 

    Delegation of Authority

    8.50.105-AD Purchasing and Contracting Delegation of Authority