• Purchase Orders

    • Purchase orders (POs) are used to buy goods that cannot be purchased with a PCard and in limited circumstances, some simple services.  For more information on what purchase orders are used for please see our Purchase and Payment Methods chart.

    • For technology hardware or digital resources please begin at the IT Purchasing page.

    Purchase Request Form

    Please be thorough and fill out all the information in the Purchasing Request Form. All of the information there is required. We recommend obtaining a quote from the supplier to attach to your purchase request.

    • Purchases over $25,000 may require competitive quotes or meet an exception outlined here.

    If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the purchasing team at purchasing@pps.net.

    • How It Works
      Once the purchasing team has received your request we will enter a purchase order on your behalf. After PO entry we will route the purchase for approval by the budget holder(s) and notify you of who needs to approve the PO.  It is up to you and the budget holder(s) to make sure the PO is approved.  Once approved, the purchasing team will dispatch the PO to the vendor and include you on the e-mail.
      You are responsible for following up with the vendor, and receiving the order within PeopleSoft once the materials arrive. Please forward your invoice to ppsap@pps.net after receiving is complete.

    • Flowchart
      This flowchart demonstrates the purchase request process and identifies the roles of both the requestor and the purchasing team in the purchase order process.
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