• Purchase Orders

    *NEW* Processing Purchase Orders

    Purchashing & Contracting now enters purchase orders on your behalf for all materials.  For IT related materials please visit the IT Purchasing page.  For all other materials please review below.

    Purchase Request:  What's Needed

    We recommend obtaining a quote from the supplier before making a purchase order request.  You can attach the quote when entering your request and we will ensure the resulting purchase order aligns with the quote provided.

    To enter a purchase request you will need the following:

    • Supplier Name
    • Supplier Email Address
    • Destination Site
    • Destination Contact
    • Destination Contact Email
    • A Valid Account Combo Code ("chartfield")
    • Line item detail of what you will be purchasing (item numbers, item descriptions, quantities, prices, and descriptions)

    How It Works

    We will enter a PO on your behalf, route the PO for approval by the budget holder, and include you when dispatching the PO via email to the vendor.

    You are responsible for following up with the vendor, entering a receiver in PeopleSoft when the materials arrive, and forwarding the invoice to ppsap@pps.net.


    This flowchart demonstrates the purchase request process and clearly identifies roles and responsibilities.

    Purchase Request Links

    To enter a purchase request for non-IT materials please visit: https://support.pps.net/support/catalog/items/63

    To enter a purchase request for IT materials please visit:  https://www.pps.net/it-purchasing

    Helpful Links

    How to Receive a PO in PeopleSoft Financials


    If you have questions, please email us at purchasing@pps.net.