• Purchasing Goods

    Our Quick Guide to Buying for an overview of purchasing goods at Portland Public Schools.

    Many supplies can easily be purchased via PPS Private Marketplace, as competitive sourcing for those supplies has already been done for you by Purchasing & Contracting.  Our Purchase Orders page provides information on purchasing goods that are not available in PPS Private Marketplace.

    Solicitation Dollar Threshold Chart Purchasing Matrix

    Our Solicitation Dollar Threshold Chart can assist with determining procurement requirements for your specific purchase.  A full copy of the the District's Purchasing Rules can be found here.


    Purchases of goods and services above $10,000 typically require source selection through a competitive process, either informal or formal, which allows multiple vendors the opportunity to do business with the District.  To learn more about solicitation procedures, including solicitation templates, please see our Solicitations page.

    In limited instances, the District is allowed by law to direct work to a single vendor when making a purchase above $10,000. For more information please contact a Contract Analyst.

    Cooperative Purchasing

    Cooperative contracts allow Portland Public Schools to "piggyback" on a formal solicitation done by another entity.  Please visit the Cooperative Contracts page for more information.