• Cooperative Contracts

    A cooperative contract is a contract that is solicited and negotiated by another public entity or cooperative procurement group and that explicitly allows other public agencies to purchase off of the contract.  Portland Public Schools can use a cooperative contract only if the procurement that resulted in the contract meets certain standards substantially similar to those set out in the District's Public Contracting Rules.

    Cooperative Contract Approval

    To request use of a cooperative contract, submit a Cooperative Contract Approval Form found on our Contract Forms page here.  Do note it takes approximately two weeks to review a cooperative contract not including any board approval or public notice requirements.

    Documenting Competition in PeopleSoft

    When your purchase order is pursuant to a cooperative contract it must be tied to the contract at the line level. Please see documenting competition in PeopleSoft for instructions.

    Cooperative Procurement Groups

    The Cooperative Procurement Groups below may have contracts of interest to your department.

    King County Directors Association ("KCDA")
    Website: http://www.kcda.org/

    NASPO ValuePoint
    Website: http://www.naspovaluepoint.org/#/home/contracts

    OMNIA Partners Public Sector (previously The Cooperative Purchasing Network/US Communities)
    Website:  https://www.omniapartners.com/publicsector

    Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum ("OETC")
    Website: https://oetc.org/

    Website:  https://www.sourcewell-mn.gov/

    State of Oregon ORCPP Program (Oregon Buys)
    Website: https://oregonbuys.gov/bso/ 

    Equalis Group
    Website:  https://equalisgroup.org/


    If you have questions or need assistance with cooperative contracts please email us or contact Travis Allison at 503.916.3441.