• Master Contracts

    What is a "Master Contract"?

    A “master contract” is a contract under which any department or school can request services. The user may do so without having to enter into a full-blown contract, instead using the request form specific to each master contract. 

    Using a master contract is easy.  Just follow these two steps:

    1. Obtaining services:  Complete the Services & Payment Request Form ("SPRF") or Contract Confirmation Form ("CCF") or the vendor-specific ordering form identified below.
    2. Paying the vendor:
        • Submit to Accounts Payable the SPRF with the vendor's invoice signed by the budget holder and stamped "OKAY TO PAY."
        • OMSI only:  Pay with P-Card.

    Literary Arts (MSTR 92154--Expires 06/30/24)

    Writers in The Schools, author visits, Students to the Schnitz, the College Essay Mentoring Project, and Verslandia.

    Arts for Learning Northwest (Young Audiences) (MSTR 94609 -- 6/30/25)

    Provide a wide range of arts programming and services for schools to support student learning, teacher professional development,
    cultural enrichment, and community engagement among other goals.

    OMSI (MSTR 92741--Expires 6/30/25) 

    Science programming

    • Please visit the OMSI website to register for services.
    • Click here for directions on completing and processing your Confirmation and Contract Form (CCF).
    • Please contact P&C if you plan on using more than $10,000 in federal funding to pay for this service.

    Multnomah Education Service District (MSTR93883 Expires 6/30/25)

    This master covers all services provided by MESD.  Please continue to request service with MESD's SRQ form.  Once an invoice is received, please complete a Request for Payment on a Contract form referencing contract number 93883 and submit to Accounts Payable for payment.