• Master Contracts

    What is a "Master Contract"?

    A “master contract” is a contract under which any department or school can request services. The user may do so without having to enter into a full-blown contract, instead using the request form specific to each master contract. 

    Using a master contract is easy.  Just follow these two steps:

    1. Obtaining services:  Complete the Services & Payment Request Form ("SPRF") or Contract Confirmation Form ("CCR") or the vendor-specific ordering form identified below.
    2. Paying the vendor:
        • Submit to Accounts Payable the SPRF with the vendor's invoice signed by the budget holder and stamped "OKAY TO PAY."
        • OMSI only:  Pay with P-Card.

      IMPORTANT! There are now Educational Apps with Master Contracts that you can order with a P-Card.  Please check here for the software or digital resources you wish to obtain. 

    Young Audiences of Oregon  (MSTR 91245--Expires 6/30/23)

    Arts programming

    • Please use the YA-created "Educator's Guide" to request workshops, residencies, and performances at your school.
    • Lauren (503.225.5900 x231) can answer your questions and give you step-by-step help with all of your arts planning and scheduling. 
    • Click here for directions on completing and processing your Young Audiences contract.


    Saturday Academy (MSTR 92211--Expired 06/30/23)

    Academic enrichment classes

    • Please contact Saturday Academy ("SA") to schedule classes using their SA Agreement.
    • Click here for directions on completing and processing your SA Agreement
    • Please remember to complete a CUB (Civic Use of Building) application when scheduling your after-school event.


    Literary Arts (MSTR 92154--Expired 06/30/24)

    Writers in The Schools, author visits, Students to the Schnitz, the College Essay Mentoring Project, and Verslandia.


    OMSI (MSTR 92741--Expired 12/31/23)

    Science programming

    • Please visit the OMSI website to register for services.
    • Click here for directions on completing and processing your Confirmation and Contract Form.
    • Please contact P&C if you plan on using more than $10,000 in federal funding to pay for this service.

    Multnomah Education Service District (MSTR 90379--Expired 6/30/23)

    • This master covers all services provided by MESD.  Please continue to request service with MESD's SRQ form.  Once an invoice is received, please complete a Request for Payment on a Contract form referencing contract number 90379 and submit to Accounts Payable for payment.
  • Childcare Master Contracts

    Guidelines for Childcare


    Childcare Providers

    The District has a master contract with KCE Champions for evening and weekend family engagement events.  They offer licensed, criminal background-checked, professional staff for your event.   

    Please use the Childcare Request Form when obtaining (and paying for) services.  Due to a limited number of providers, we recommend requesting care two weeks in advance of the event.  Please click the link below to access their form and contact information.  

    KCE Champions
    Sherri Burks (sburks@klcorp.com)

    Important:  The Childcare Request Form is to be used only for school/department events, not for PTA or other third-party activities.

    Questions? Please contact Lidia Lopez-Gamboa.  

  • Yearbook & Photography Services Master Contracts

    The District has awarded multiple Master Contracts for yearbook and "picture day" photography services.  Below you will find a complete list of the contracted providers.  When selecting a provider, we recommend that you consider value added services as well as pricing.  Pricing is included for "picture day" photography services.  For yearbook services, please consult with the provider of your choice.  You may wish to review multiple yearbook providers to choose the one that best meets your school's needs.

    Standard Agreements

    To formalize an agreement with a provider, use the provider's Standard Agreement.  The Standard Agreement has been vetted by Purchasing & Contracting as part of the contracting process and should include all relevant information for service requirements.  The Standard Agreement does not need to be sent to Purchasing & Contracting.  Principals are authorized to sign approved Standard Agreements solely for the vendors/services listed below.

    Pricing and Value Added Services

    "Picture Day" photography pricing is outlined in the contract documents below, alternately you may contact the customer service representatives for pricing.

    Yearbook pricing will vary by school book size and school need.  It is recommended to reach out to several yearbook service providers with your needs to see which will best meet your needs.

    Providers were incentivized to incorporate value added services in their contract.  This may include providing additional discounts for students or providing some added items free of charge. Please review the contracts below or inquire with the customer service representative about their value added offerings. 


    Photography packages are typically paid by parents directly to the photography service provider.

    Please pay for Yearbook services with your P-Card.  Please attach the completed Standard Agreement when reconciling P-Card payments.

    Customer Service

    Each provider has dedicated customer service representatives that can assist with your needs.  Please contact them for your customer service needs.


    If you have questions about use of these contracts please contact purchasing@pps.net.


    Balfour Oregon
    Service Provided:  Yearbook Services
    Contract:  MSTR-64746, A1 Balfour Contract
    Standard Agreement:  Balfour Yearbook Standard Agreement
    Value Added Services
    Customer Service
    Matt Fusco
    e:  matt.fusco@balfour-rep.com
    p:  800.944.7147

    Dorian Studio Inc
    Services Provided:  Yearbook and Photography Services
    Contract:  MSTR-64747, A1 Dorian Studio, Inc.
    Yearbook Standard Agreement
    Photography Standard Agreement
    Yearbook Value Added Services
    Photography Value Added Services
    Customer Service
    Ben Blau
    e:  bblau@dorianstudio.com
    p:  503.715.0290

    Herff Jones
    Service Provided:  Yearbook Services
    Contract:  MSTR-64813, A1 Herff Jones
    Yearbook Standard Agreement
    Value Added Services
    Customer Service
    Genie Westfall
    e:  rdwestfall@herffjones.com
    p:  503.319.6063

    Service Provided:  Yearbook Services
    Contract:  MSTR-64760, A1 Jostens
    Yearbook Standard Agreement
    Value Added Services
    Customer Service
    Rachel Nelson
    e:  rachel.nelson@jostens.com
    p:  248-219-1804

    Lifetouch National School Studios Inc
    Service Provided:  Yearbook and Photography Services
    Contract:  MSTR-64713, A1 Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc.
    Yearbook Standard Agreement
    Photography Standard Agreement
    Value Added Services
    Customer Service
    Jamie Tschida
    e:  fojamiet@lifetouch.com
    p:  503.352.0081

    Scott Henning
    e:  foscotth@lifetouch.com
    p:  503.352.880

    Northwest Exposures Photography
    Service Provided:  Photography Services
    Contract:  MSTR-64915, A1 Northwest Exposures Photography
    Photography Standard Agreement
    Value Added Services
    Customer Service
    Judi Lamb
    e:  judi@northwestexposures.com
    p:  541.654.1921

    Picaboo Yearbooks
    Service Provided:  Yearbook Services
    Contract:  MSTR-64745, A1 Picaboo Yearbooks
    Yearbook Standard Agreement
    Value Added Services
    Customer Service
    Kelly Burnham
    e:  kelly.b@picabooyearbooks.com
    p:  800.510.4590

    Tim Bently
    e:  tbentley@picabooyearbooks.com
    p:  970.549-0401

    Visual Impressions Photography LLC 
    Service Provided:  Yearbook & Photography Services
    Contract:  MSTR-64748, A1 Visual Impressions Photography
    Yearbook Standard Agreement
    Photography Standard Agreement
    Photography Standard Agreement - Graduates
    Value Added Services
    Customer Service
    Taylor Workman
    e:  taylor@visualimpressions.com
    p:  503.320.3076

    Amanda Campy
    e:  amanda@visualimpressions.org
    p:  503.320.3076