• Info For New Secretaries and Bookkeepers

    If you are new to Portland Public Schools this page will help you get started with purchasing and contracting!


    Our Quick Guide to Buying provides a basic overview of purchasing.

    To order materials for your school or department you will need access to, and to understand, these key District systems.

    • Private Marketplace.  Private Marketplace is the District's online ordering system that allows access to suppliers providing office supplies, classroom supplies, physical education supplies, science supplies, and more.
    • PCards.  A PCard is a credit card that is issued for business use by Purchasing & Contracting. Supplies, equipment, materials, and items purchased over the internet are typically purchased with a PCard.

    You may also use your PCard to pay on a contract for Hotel/Catering/Services (HCS) after you receive the signed version back from Purchasing & Contracting. Please call the PCard Manager if you need to have your limit increased to cover the cost of the contract. If the vendor does not accept PCard payments, please contact us to set the contract up for payment through Accounts Payable.

    • Purchase Orders/PeopleSoft Financials.  PeopleSoft Financials allows you to place purchase orders for your school's or department's needs with vendors not covered in Private Marketplace, with vendors who will not accept a PCard, and for goods and services not allowed to be purchased using a PCard.  PeopleSoft Financials also allows you to request items from the Warehouse via a Material Stock Request.
    • Information Technology Products.  To purchase technology, please review the list of standards available on the Information Technology website (https://www.pps.net/Page/9916).    After you have determined what you would like to order, use the PPS Support Portal (https://support.pps.net/) to submit an IT Purchasing request.

    • Instructional Resource Center.  The Instructional Resource Center is not part of the Purchasing & Contracting department but manages adopted curriculum and other instructional materials, including:  Textbooks, K-8 Science Kits, Novel Sets, DVDs, and Digital Streaming Media.  See the Instructional Resource Center website here:  https://www.pps.net/Domain/193

    • Warehouse.  The Warehouse is not part of the Purchasing & Contracting department but manages some centrally stocked items such as COUM folders for student records and moving boxes.  See the Warehouse website here:  https://www.pps.net/Domain/199


    Please ensure you take our mandatory training course on Pepper before submitting a contract for execution.

    Our Master Contracts cover a number of frequently used services.

    Training Available

    If you would like assistance with our systems and processes we are happy to schedule a one-on-one training session.  Training sessions typically take one hour.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


    If you have questions about purchasing or contracting and are unsure who to contact please email us.