• Contracting

    When is a Contract Required?

    Most services with non-employee service providers or vendors - including services provided at no cost - require a District contract.


    1. Services that involve interaction with students
    2. Medical, legal, financial, educational service
    3. Special programming
    4. Construction, painting, maintenance


    How Do I Complete and Submit a Contract?

    For a step-by-step guide to completing and processing a contract, please review our Quick Guide to Contracting.

    Who Do I Call With Contract Questions?

    For questions about:

    1. How to create and process a contract, contact Erica Kreger or a Contract Analyst.
    2. Board approval of contracts, contact Paul Williams.
    3. Contract copies, contact Tina Sandoval.
    4. Contract status, contact a Contract Analyst or Tina Sandoval.
    5. Negotiating non-standard contract terms and conditions with vendors, contact Emily Courtnage.


    Please review this chart for guidance on appropriate use of Direct Vouchers vs. PCards vs. Purchase Orders vs. Contracts


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