Email Access When Out of the Country

  • In order to access PPS email from a non-US location, staff are required to use the PPS virtual private network (VPN).

    Why is this happening?
    There has been a continuous attempt, with varying levels of success, to compromise employee emails. The majority of these types of cyber attacks have originated in foreign countries. To protect all staff, email access from foreign countries has been limited to US based and PPS VPN users.

    What is the impact to you?
    If you are traveling outside of the United States you will not be able to access your PPS email unless you use the PPS VPN. To request the use of the VPN:

    1. Complete an IT Account Request form and check the box for "VPN (central office, other roles as needed)".
    2. Ask your Principal or Department Head to authorize (sign) the form.
    3. Email the form to the IT Service Desk at

    Please contact us at,, or 503-916-3375 to report any issues.