• My.PPS Portal & Duo Two-Step Authorization

    Important Information for All PPS Staff

    The Office of Technology & Information Services is excited to announce that Portland Public Schools is making the move to a new My.PPS home page enhanced with Duo Two-Step authorization. The goal is for you to have a more robust and secure account sign-in to PPS resources and to launch an innovative and customizable new page from where you can access all your PPS applications. 

    ♦ When is this change taking place?

    This change will take place as follows:

    Phase 1:
    The My.PPS internet homepage will be turned on for all PPS staff and contractors on
    August 9th, 2021. You will experience a new way to logon and sign-in to critical PPS applications like Peoplesoft and GSuite. Additionally Duo will be enabled as an optional feature. During this Duo trial period you will need to choose whether to use a personal device/smartphone OR a Duo token to secure your PPS account. 

    My.PPS page features geared towards teaching staff (including class rostering, application assignment and student analytics/engagement functionality) will be available from August 9th and training will be provided on these features.

    Phase 2:
    Duo Two-Step account security will be ENFORCED for all PPS staff and contractors on October 11th, 2021. You must have made a selection of Duo mobile OR Duo token enrollment by this date or you will not be able to access your PPS account.  

    ♦ Why are we switching to My.PPS and Duo?

    Adding My.PPS and Duo to our existing technology offering provides us with tools to improve security and collaboration including:

    My.PPS portal

    • Single Sign-on to all your PPS applications from anywhere
    • Customizable home portal layout
    • Create your own folders & organize your applications
    • Teachers can track student activity & engagement

    Duo Two Step authentication

    • Use secondary device to quickly sign in to PPS network
    • Secure anytime anywhere access to Peoplesoft for Benefits & Payroll

    ♦ How am I affected by this change?

    Starting August 9th 2021,  the new My.PPS portal will become your new default home page and give you access to your current suite of PPS applications. Duo two-factor authentication will be available for all staff account logins.

    For teaching staff - My.PPS will give you additional tools to engage with students - see class rosters, assign class applications and track student activity.

My.PPS Portal FAQs

  • I have heard that My.PPS is a Single Sign-On system. What does Single Sign-On mean?

  • I was prompted to install a Chrome/Edge extension for My.PPS. Is it safe to do that?

  • Why do some icons have a key and/or a lock and others do not?

  • How do I find apps that are not showing up on My.PPS?

  • Can I group similar apps together?

  • Can I customize my layout in My.PPS?

  • What does auto launch do?

  • What if I don't see an app I use in the App Library?

  • Where can I access training materials?

  • What if I have additional questions about My.PPS?

  • What kinds of training on My.PPS will be available?

Duo Two Step Authorization FAQS

  • What are the benefits of using Duo Two Step Authentication?

  • Am I required to sign up for Duo?

  • Are students required to use Duo?

  • What devices are supported by Duo?

  • Will I get locked out if I forget my phone or token?

  • Do I need to pay to download the Duo Mobile App?

  • Can I have Duo Mobile installed on multiple devices?

  • Why does the Duo Mobile app need access to my device’s camera?

  • What data does the Duo Mobile app collect?

  • Do I need to enable notifications for the Duo Mobile app?

  • How much WiFi or cellular data does the Duo Mobile app use?

  • How can I troubleshoot Duo Push notification issues?

  • What do I do if I get a notification from Duo that I did not request?

  • I don’t want to use a personal phone for Duo - what are my options?

  • What if I have additional questions about Duo?

Training Resources

Duo Mobile OR Token?

  • PPS staff may choose to use a personal device OR a PPS provided Duo token to authenticate your account.

    See both in action here to help you decide 

    Duo Mobile

    Duo Tokens


    If you do not want to use a personal device for 2-step authentication please request a token here:

    Duo Token Request