• School Technology Resource Team (STRT)

    Distributing Reused, Reclaimed, and Overstocked Technology for Classrooms

    The Office of Technology & Information Services (OTIS) Department has established a School Technology Resource Team (STRT) to provide oversight in the receipt, refurbishment, repurposing, prioritization, and deployment of donated and reclaimed technology equipment. This includes instructional, student, staff, classroom, and computer lab technology assets. 
    The STRT uses data collected through ongoing, proactive inventory in partnership with school administrators to identify conditions that do not meet the district's technology standards. Allocation of available resources will be prioritized using several factors including the ratio of school enrollment to available student technology, the age and condition of computers, and school combined underserved percentages.
    In order to help facilitate this work, if you observe non-standard technology conditions in your building, please submit a request to the OTIS Service Desk. Be sure to report all unacceptable conditions, including: computer lab disrepair, non-functional classroom technology, and significant quantities of e-waste. The STRT will review the information and follow up with any questions needed to prioritize the situation appropriately. As a reminder, the Service Desk is also able to help resolve individual technology issues such as broken keyboards, mice, monitors, projectors, and document cameras.
    This process of resolving issues across the district can be accelerated by soliciting technology donations from the community. If you know of any businesses or organizations that could be potential donors, please ask them to visit the technology donation website to determine if their equipment meets our donation standard. Potential donors may also contact the OTIS Service Desk for assistance in starting the donation process.