• New #PPS-Wireless Staff/Student Network 

    Important Information for All PPS Staff

    The Office of Technology & Information Services is excited to announce that Portland Public Schools is making the move to a new, more secure wireless network.  This network will become the main staff and student wireless network in all PPS buildings and will replace the current #PPS-wifi network.  

    All PPS-owned devices will have secure permissions to access this network. 

    Personal devices (mobile phones, personal laptops/iPads etc.) should continue to use the default #PPS-Wifi-Guest wireless network.

    Why are we making this change?

    Our existing #PPS-Wifi network configuration is out of date with newer advances in IT networking technology.

    Replacing with the new #PPS-Wireless configuration will improve network speeds, provide increased security and prevent unauthorized devices accessing PPS networks.

    When is this change taking place?

    This change will take place as follows:

    1. The new #PPS-Wireless network will be piloted at a) BESC, Harrison Park & Ockley Green beginning on March 14th, 2022 and b) Grant HS & McDaniel HS beginning on May 1st 2022.

    2. After pilot issues are identified and quickly resolved, OTIS will announce a go live for all PPS buildings. UPDATE: The new network will go live district-wide on Saturday, May 14th, 2022.

    OTIS staff will begin deploying secure certificates to all PPS chromebooks and PPS Windows devices automatically. These certificates will allow PPS devices to auto-connect to the new, more robust network. You may also continue to connect to the old #PPS-Wifi network during this time.

    3. PPS MAC/OS devices (desktops/laptops/PPS iPads) may need to be manually updated by PPS Support. 

    4. The old #PPS-Wifi password-protected network will be deactivated in December 2022. Please contact the support desk if you are having connectivity issues once the old network is deactivated.

    **** Target project dates last revised - 5/9/2022 ****

  • What is the new PPS-Wireless network password?

  • How will my PPS device change?

  • I have a PPS Chromebook or Windows device - what do I need to do?

  • I have a PPS MAC/OS device - what do I need to do?

  • What about PPS Student Chromebooks?

  • Will I need to update any wireless settings?

  • I bring my own device to work - what are my options?

New PPS-Wireless network Pilot

  • We are piloting a new #PPS-Wireless network at BESC, Grant HS, Harrison Park, McDaniel HS and Ockley Green

    OTIS STL/STS/VILS staff are aware of the changes and will work with school staff to quickly document & resolve any issues.

    During this pilot, both the new network (#PPS-Wireless) and the older network (#PPS-Wifi) will be available, but your PPS-owned device will attempt to connect to the new network by default.  The guest wifi network is still available for non-PPS devices.