Student Email

  • All Portland Public Schools high schools now have PPS student email.  Some benefits:

    • Email – Use PPS email to contact teachers and classmates, logging in with your account at
    • Your student email address is the same as your school account login and is also how you access G Suite for Education tools.
    • Communicate with teachers in Google Classroom.

    Students have a District username and password, based upon their name and student ID, which they can use to login to school computers. The same password will be used on their PPS email account. Please encourage your student to change their password to something unique and keep it safe.

    Acceptable Use
    Use of District technology on or off campus requires students to abide by the PPS Acceptable Use Policy. Please review it and encourage your child to do so as well. They will be checking a box accepting the terms of the AUP when they activate their District-provided email account.

Gmail FAQs

  • Will the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and OneDrive still be available after migrating to Gmail ?

  • Will we keep our same email addresses or will they change?

  • Can I access Outlook email during the migration?

  • Are all my emails, attachments and calendar appointments going to move to Gmail?

  • Can I continue to use O365/Outlook as my email platform after Gmail is turned on for the district?

  • Will pinned messages in Outlook migrate to Gmail?

  • Will my Outlook groups/lists that I have created be migrated to Gmail?

  • What's the easiest way to keep my school Gmail account separate from my personal Gmail account?

  • Does my Outlook folder structure move over to Gmail?

  • Can I set up separate notifications for my school and personal Gmail accounts?

  • What devices can I use to access Gmail and Calendar?

  • How do I install Gmail/GCal on my mobile device?

  • What kind of support will be available?

Training Resources

  • The G Suite Learning Center provides resources on switching from Outlook to Gmail and Calendar. You can also watch the detailed training videos on our vendor support site here.