• Duo - Select your 2nd step method

    Computers like chromebooks and PCs cannot be registered as the 2nd-step device with Duo. In general, these are considered to be your primary work device.

    The following device types work as a 2nd-step device with Duo:

  • Smartphones and tablets

  • Hardware tokens

  • Recommended steps before enrolling in Duo

    1) Update your phone or tablet to the latest supported version

    A screen lock/passcode MUST be enabled on your phone or tablet before you can use the Duo Mobile app.


    Device specific instructions:

    Ios - Supported Versions and How to set a screen lock 

    Android - Supported Versions and How to set a screen lock 


     2) Download the Duo Mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

         Enter “Duo mobile” in the search box, and then select Duo mobile from the search results.

         Tap the icon highlighted below to install Duo Mobile.


        After Duo Mobile has installed, tap Open to open the app.

        Tap Allow to allow notifications from the Duo Mobile app.
        (IMPORTANT Make sure you allow notifications. Otherwise, you will not receive authentication notifications from Duo and will not be able to log in to your applications.)



Next Steps

Duo Mobile OR Hardware Token?