Securly Internet Filtering

  • Securly is initially being tested at Harrison Park K8 and Marysville K8.

      • Pilot Go-Live: 1/20/21 (delayed until 1/21/21)
      • District-Wide Go-Live: Mid February
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  • Securly Logo Our district uses Securly to help families set internet filtering rules for their children while using school devices and accounts. 

    As a parent, you can use Securly to stay on top of your child’s online activity in real time from anywhere, with the SecurlyHome App. You can use this online activity feed to open a dialogue with your child about their digital lives. Securly will also send you weekly email reports with a snapshot of your child’s internet activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get the SecurlyHome app?

  • What’s the difference between the mobile app, weekly email report, and website?

  • Why am I receiving an email from Securly?

  • The school registered my email address, but I still haven’t received an email from Securly. What happened?

  • Can I add an email address to my child’s account?

  • I have multiple children. How do I know which item in the Activity Feed or Tab belongs to which child?

  • Who else can see my child’s online activity?

  • What data does Securly collect?

  • What if I have questions not addressed in this FAQ?