• Statement on Radio Frequencies

    The district understands that some parents are concerned about the possibility of cell phone and radio frequencies in general having an adverse impact on children’s health.  We are paying close attention to this issue. The majority of the studies and evidence shows that exposure to low frequency radio waves does not cause adverse health effects. 

    The links below provide more information regarding radio frequencies:

    • National Cancer Institute fact sheet on cell phones and cancer: Click here
    • Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion Wireless Technology and Health Outcomes: Evidence and Review: Click here
    • The impact of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields on chronic well-being in young people — A cross-sectional study based on personal dosimetry: Click here
    • International Journal of Epidemiology 2010 Interphone Study: Click here


    The district does not require students to carry or use cell phones at school.  The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have suggested some steps that cell phone users can take if they are concerned about potential health risks:

    • Reserve the use of cell phones for shorter conversations, or for times when a conventional phone is not available.
    • Switch to a type of cell phone with a hands-free device that will place more distance between the phone and the head of the user. Hands-free kits reduce the amount of RF energy exposure to the head because the antenna, which is the source of RF energy, is not placed against the head.

    We know there are differences of opinion on these issues and PPS is following the most widely accepted research.  Again, we appreciate your concern and communication.