“Smart” devices such as Google Nest, Amazon Dot, Apple homepods, etc. have come under scrutiny recently as the audio controls within the systems can sometimes be activated without permission or knowledge.  PPS is concerned about employees using these devices in classes and school buildings because the information/data from these devices are held by the parent companies, not by PPS.  The District is concerned that their use in PPS buildings create privacy concerns for employees and students as we do not have an operating agreement with any of these companies and digital privacy laws are not yet in place to protect against privacy breaches from these devices.  

    Any “smart” devices (other than portable devices) currently in buildings need to be removed immediately and must be approved by District before they can be returned to the building for use.    

    If you have questions about a device you would like to use, or are currently using, please submit a support ticket at https://support.pps.net. You can also send an email to support@pps.net. The ticket should include the make and model of the device, details about what it is being used/considered for, and the location of the device. Thank you.

    Don Wolff, Chief Technology Officer, OTIS
    x63166     wolffd@pps.net