• Phone Change Manager

    June, 2017, version 3 of the Phone change Manager was deployed.  This version contains several features to make it easier to submit your Phone changes.  Many of the changes are to the format of the display.  The basic operation of the tool remains the same.

    Please note that BESC office personnel will not be able to use Phone Change Manager at this time, those users should submit their change requests by email to support@pps.net .

    Some of the new features include: 

    1.     Users can have access to multiple sites.

    2.     After submitting a set of changes you can un-submit your request and make additional changes to it without losing you place in line.

    3.     The voice mail option is no longer editable. Any time a user is assigned to a phone we will automatically add a voicemail account for them.

    This is a tool for submitting and tracking phone change requests; it does not make the changes. Once submitted through the tool, changes still need to be made in the phone system by Telecom Support personnel.

    To access the Phone Change Manager, use an internet browser to go to:


    Enter your username:  This is your PPS login ID (e.g., jsmith)

    Enter your Password:  This is your PPS email password 

    Only School/Department Secretaries or other personnel designated by their Administrator will have access to this tool. When you log in, you should see phone extension information for your site. If you are assigned to multiple sites, you will be able to select one of those sites from a pull down menu near the top of the pare.   If you do not see information for your sites, or you are not able to log in, send an email to Telecom Support at telecom@pps.net


    User Tips:

    We recommend using Chrome or Firefox when using the Phone Change Manager for a better user experience.

    To edit an extension’s user or properties, click on “edit” to the left of the extension number. When finished making your changes, select “update” to save the changes or “cancel” to exit the edit mode without saving any changes. An exclamation point will appear to the right of the General notes column indicating that data in that record has changed.

    You can hover your mouse pointer over the header of any column to get information about what that column should contain.

    You can sort the data by clicking on a column's blue header. Update any changes you have made before sorting or you will be exited out of the edit mode and lose the changes to the line you were editing.

    Use the following options for the User Status columns. If a phone user works at more than one location in the District, please include the other site names if you know them. This information is needed in order to set up their voicemail correctly.


    Previous User Status                           New User Status

    Changed Room                                      Changed Room

    Left School                                            New to School

    Left District                                           New to District

    Unknown                                              Also works at "School


    The Note column provides a field where you can put any additional information that you think we may need to process the change for that line.

    The website will log you out if you do not make any changes for 1 hour. Once you have select update for a line, those changes will not be lost if you are logged out or close the web browser.

    To undo Changes you previously made to a phone extension, select “Undo Changes” in the right most column of that extension.

    To submit your phone change request:   Select "Submit to IT" to place your change request in queue to be worked by IT Telecom. You will not be able to do any further edits while it is in the Submitted mode.

    To make changes to your request after it has been submitted, As long as the Telecom team has not started working on your request you can un-submit the request to make changes or additions. See the top of the page after submitting a request to find the Un-submit link. If the un-submit link is not there, the Telecom team has started to work on your changes. Note that when you un-submit your request it is taken out of the work queue. However when you resubmit the request after making your changes it will be put back in queue with the original submission date.

    To download a current phone list or phone configuration for your site, select the “Download phone list“ or “Download all data” link near the top of the page. This will download a CSV file that can be imported into excel, where you can format the information to meet your site’s needs. Note: clicking on the Icon will not work; you need to click on the text.

    To add a phone add a note to the Request Notes at the top of the page.

    To add an additional line to a phone, add a note to the General Notes column for that phone.  

    If you have any questions about PCM please send an email to telecom@pps.net.