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    Google Domain Switch

  • Important Information for All PPS Staff

    The Office of Technology & Information Services is excited to announce that PPS renamed its Google domain from apps4pps.net to pps.net for staff and student.pps.net for students. With this change, we'll have the benefit of using a single login for GSuite, O365, Synergy, PeopleSoft, Destiny, and related apps. This will allow you to log into your Google account using your PPS account name (jdoe@pps.net) instead of having to use a separate name (jdoe@apps4pps.net).

    When is this change taking place?

    • The switch will happen on June 19, 2019 for all staff and students.

    Why are we changing our PPS Google domain?

    • So staff and students will have one PPS login that can also be used for G Suite for Education.

    How am I affected by this change?

    • There will be no data loss.
    • Google Sites will not be affected.
    • G Suite for Education tools will be available as normal.
    • The login screen of all Chromebooks will now be set to auto-populate @student.pps.net to facilitate use by students. For staff login to an existing Chromebook, once the user types the @ symbol, the students.pps.net will disappear and you can continue typing your full GSuite username (e.g., jdoe@pps.net ). The new Chromebooks provided for staff use will be set to auto-populate with @pps.net. These Chromebooks will not have the My.PPS badge login option.

    student login screen

    • If you have created a personal Google account using @pps.net previously, this account will be renamed by Google after the switchover to username%pps.net@gtempaccount.com. You can login to this account using your old password to access data and Google-related services from the previous @pps.net account. If you would like to merge data from your personal @pps.net account to your district account, please check your PPS email for instructions on how to initiate the data transfer.
    • School staff will need to communicate this change to their students.
    • *FOR SUMMER DIGITAL APPS ACCESS* Students will have to login using username@student.pps.net for all My.PPS and Google applications starting June 20, 2019.



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  • Who is responsible to change school and department webpage references from @apps4pps.net to @pps.net and/or @student.pps.net?

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