• Talent and Labor Partnership 

    The Talent and Labor Partnership(TLP) staff (formerly Employee and Labor Relations) is available to partner with Administrators and Senior Directors on labor and employee relations issues and organizational change.  We are here to help you navigate the contractual and legal framework of the District's labor contracts and policies and the law.  We can also identify how to access other resources in the broader Human Resources Department. 

    For details on which Senior Manager to contact within our team, click here: TLP Sr. Manager Assignments / Contact Info


    Contract Administration: Provide interpretations of labor contract language and advice on how to accomplish your goals within the framework of labor contracts.

    Grievance Processing: Assistance with the process, meetings, research and written responses to grievances; may include joining manager in grievance hearing if needed. 

    Performance Management/Performance Evaluations: Advice about performance issues, coaching, resources, communication of expectation and investigation of employee performance.  Provide assistance with the formal Performance Evaluation process and Programs of Assistance of Improvement¹. Administrator should talk to TLP about any Programs of Assistance prior to meeting with the Professional Educator. 

    Investigations/Discipline: When allegations/complaints/evidence of possible misconduct arise, managers need to talk with TLP.  We provide assistance with process, the investigation (including investigation questions), appropriate levels of discipline, development of written expectations and templates for discipline and discharge. 

    Other things that we can help with:

    Strategic Planning/Policy Development/Work Rules: Discuss labor relations implications of strategic changes, proposed policies and rules and changes in organizational design or processes.  Identify the process, resources, obligations and potential barriers to be considered when planning organizational change. 

    ¹ We no longer use Programs of Support


    Represented Employee Groups

    Teachers, counselors, school psychologists, librarians and substitutes (PAT, Portland Association of Teachers)

    Secretaries, educational assistants, paraeducators and clerks (PFSP, Portland Federation of School Professionals)

    Custodians and nutrition services workers (SEIU, Service Employees International Union)

    Maintenance and construction crafts workers (DCU, District Council of Unions)

    Bus drivers (ATU, Amalgamated Transit Union)


    Current Collective Bargaining Agreements

    ATU 2014-2017

    DCU 2015-2017

        DCU 2017-2018 - Contract Extension Agreement

    PAT *2016-2019 (*Final version coming soon - Format will change, however the content will remain the same)

    PAT Substitute 2012-2016

    PFSP 2014-2017

    SEIU 2017-2019