• Substituting

    As a substitute in our district, you are a part of a team that is committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students. You play a vital role in enabling us to maintain continuity of instructional and educational programs for our students in the absence of our regular Classroom Educators, Paraeducators, and School Administrative Assistant's, thus maximizing the potential of each child passing through our doors, as well as contributing to the mission and goals of the Portland Public School District and reinforcing individual building plans.

    The role of the substitute is a valued and challenging one, and one that brings many rewards.  With increased expectations for schools to raise the achievement bar for every single child, maximizing each day of a student’s education is an absolute imperative.  The services of a dependable, well-prepared substitute are essential to providing continuity in student academic achievement.  As a substitute, you are an important part of expanding the learning and intellectual growth of our students.  We are delighted you accepted this opportunity to assist in the growth and success of Portland’s greatest asset – its students.

    You may use this page to access all of the important information you will need for your position. This information, along with assistance from School Program Administrators, Principals, Classroom Educators, Paraeducators, and School Administrative Assistant's will enable you to assist us in meeting the educational needs of our students.  In addition, it will help you understand your other key responsibilities as a Substitute, while maintaining a safe, attractive, and supportive educational environment for the students entrusted in your care.


    Salary Rates for the 2023-2024 School Year:
    Substitute Educator: $247.58 for full day & $123.79 for half day
    Substitute Paraeducator: $22.40 per hour
    Substitute School Administrative Assistant: $20.78 per hour
    **Incentive pay is also available to Substitute Educators and Substitute Paraeducators.

    Job Openings Information (apply at careers.pps.net and search for one of these job opening IDs):

    ***We will begin reviewing applications for the 2024-2025 school year starting in July.

    Job Opening ID Job Posting Title
    27422 24/25 SY Applicant Pool - Substitute Educator 
    27423 24/25 SY Applicant Pool - Substitute Paraeducator
    27424 24/25 SY Applicant Pool - Substitute School Administrative Assistant (Secretary)
    27425 24/25 SY Applicant Pool - PPS Retiree Substitute Administrator
    27442 24/25 SY Applicant Pool - Substitute School Counselor 
    27426 24/25 SY Applicant Pool - Substitute Dance Teacher

    Veterans Preference

    Under Oregon law, veterans who meet the minimum qualifications for a position may be eligible for employment preference. If you are a Veteran and you would like to apply for Veterans preference, please fill out the Veterans Preference page on our online application and submit all required documentation by the closing date of the recruitment. Veterans preference does not guarantee veterans the position which they are applying for.

    For further information about veterans’ preference, please contact Human Resources or refer to the Bureau of Labor and Industries website.


    Portland Public Schools is an affirmative action and equal employment opportunity employer. 

    Interested in applying for a Substitute Educator, Paraeducator, or School Administrative Assistant position? Please click here. 


    Customer Expectations & Guidelines

    This document outlines customer expectations for functions completed by the substitute office team.

Substitute Office Contacts

Jessica Morrow
HR Associate II - Substitute Office
Shannon Holloway
HR Associate II - Substitute Office
Rebecca Sundquist
HR Associate II - Substitute Office
Shari Morrelli
Senior Manager, Substitute Office & Customer Service