• Hard-to-Fill Positions
    as of  August 2022, the following positions are considered hard-to-fill for the purposes of identifying one aspect of potential eligibility for retirees to return under SB1049; other requirements must also be met in order for consideration. Please view the most recent Retirement FAQ for your specific employee group regarding SB1049 eligibility on the Retire from PPS webpage. 

    • Educators
      • Advanced Math
      • Counselors
      • Dual Language - Immersion, Spanish Educators
      • PE
      • Special Education Educators (classroom teachers)
      • School Psychologists
      • Social Workers
    • Classified
      • Paraeducators

    • Custodial & Maintenance

    • Substitutes
      • Educators
      • Paraeducators
      • Secretaries

    • School Administrators


    Layoff Positions
    There are several requirements that must be met in order for someone to retire and be rehired under the PERS bubble. One of those requirements is there may not be anyone in layoff/recall status in the position. As of 3/18/2022, the following positions have individuals in layoff/recall status, and current employees would not be eligible for rehire under the PERS bubble.

    • CTE Engineering Educators (architecture drafting/auto cad) (PAT)
    • Video Production Educators (non-CTE) (PAT)


    Note some of the PFSP layoff areas are under full or partial layoffs

    • Educational Assistant 
    • Instructional Technology Assistant (ITA) 
    • School Secretary/School Admin Assistant
    • SPED Assistant Trainer (192)