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    Our goal in HR is to be available to answer your questions. If you cannot find the person, our HR Information Specialist will be happy to guide you to the right person by phone or email.

    Customer Expectations - outlined in the following document and flow chart are the expectations our customers may expect for response/resolution time for standard questions.

    HR Operations - this document includes customer expectations for the following topics:

    • Business & Operations Recruitment: candidate, community partners, and hiring manager expectations
    • HRIS: data requests, professional growth, and tuition reimbursement
    • Staffing: vacancy through to start timelines and expectations (a flow chart is also available)
    • Substitute Office: candidate and hiring timelines, current employee support
    • Support Services: student loan forgiveness, employment verification, records support 

    Staffing - this document is a flowchart outlining the process and expected timelines for the hiring process. The information is also available in written form in the HR Operations document above.

    Area Name Phone Email/Website
      Senior Manager, HRIS & Support Services Shari Morrelli 503-916-3544 hronline@pps.net
      HR Associate I - Support Services Nicole Dvorshak 503-916-3544 hronline@pps.net
      HR Associate I - Support Services Carson Wu 503-916-3544 hronline@pps.net
        Fax 503-916-3107  
      General Benefits Information FAX: 503-916-3107 503-916-3544


      PAT Galen Waldrep 503-916-3065 benefits@pps.net
      ATU/DCU/PFSP/Teamsters Duncan Howard-McGuire 503-916-3472 benefits@pps.net
      Non-Represented and SEIU Duncan Howard-McGuire 503-916-3472 benefits@pps.net
      ADA FMLASource 833-515-0763 fmlacenter@fmlasource.com
      Leave of Absence (Medical, Family Medical, Pregnancy/Parental, Child Illness, Covid, Military, and ADA) FMLASource 833-515-0763 fmlacenter@fmlasource.com
      All Other Leave Types Leave Team 503-916-3544 leave@pps.net
      Retirement Information Ligena Hein 503-916-3046 lhein@pps.net
      Transcripts / PAT Professional Growth / Tuition Reimbursement HR Professional Growth 503-916-3544 hrprofessionalgrowth@pps.net
      Unpaid Leave of Abence Requests Talent Management   Talent Management Team Contact List
    Classification and Compensation Penny Robertson 503-916-3481

    Click here for Class and Comp information

    Data Requests      

    Internal PPS

        Click here for Internal Records Requests
      External Public Records Request
    Only to be used if you are not an employee of PPS and are seeking non-employment related documents.
      Employment Verification     Click here
    for Employment Verification
      Student Loan Forgiveness     Click here for Student Loan Forgiveness
    Employee and Labor Relations      
      Senior Director
    PAPSA; Senior Leadership
      Interim Director, Employee & Labor Relations
    Franklin and Roosevelt cohorts; Maintenance, Special Education; Pioneer; Security Services, BCT
    Genevieve Rough


      Senior Manager, Employee & Labor Relations
    Grant, Lincoln & Multiple Pathway cohorts; OTIS; Columbia Regional; Student Success; General Counsel; Racial Equity & Social Justice; System Performance; Trust Representative, IPC
    Emily Gaffney


      Senior Manager, Employee & Labor Relations
    PAT Bargaining
    Athletics (district-wide); Transportation (ATU); Trust Representative, IPC
    Lisa Rogers 503-916-3550
      Senior Manager, Employee & Labor Relations
    Cleveland and Wilson cohorts; Financial Services; School Modernization; Nutrition Services, Facilities & Custodial (SEIU); CCSB; Funded Programs
    Roshni Sabedra 503-916-3054
      Manager - Employee & Labor Relations
    Jefferson and Madison cohorts; Board Office, Communications, Strategic Partnerships; OTL - CCR, Humanities, DLI, ESL, STEAM, Professional Learning, Headstart, Early Learning; Substitute Restrictions
    Sarah Fitch




    HR Associate I - Employee & Labor Relations

    Tracy Williams



    Hiring and Staffing Talent Management Team

     See Team Contact List  

    Talent Management Team Contact List

    HR License Renewal     hrlicenserenewal@pps.net
    Online Application Questions Human Resources Main Office 503-916-3544 jobs@pps.net
    Substitute Office   503-916-3330 ppssub@pps.net
      Senior Manager, Substitute Office & HR Projects Nicole Enyeart 503-916-3064 nenyeart@pps.net
      HR Associate II - Sub Office Amanda Christenson 503-916-3330 ppssub@pps.net
      HR Associate II - Sub Office Te'ana Conley 503-916-3330 ppssub@pps.net
      HR Associate I - Sub Office Emily Damon 503-916-3330 ppssub@pps.net

    Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity 

      Director - Diversity & Workforce Development Aisha Hollands 503-916-3124 ahollands@pps.net
      Training Coordinator Rachel Rogers  503-916-3119 rarogers@pps.net