What Leave is Right for Me?

Medical Leave

  • Medical Leave is when you have your own serious health condition.

Family Medical Leave

  • Family Leave is to care for a family member due to their own serious health condition.

Pregnancy Leave

  • Pregnancy Disability Leave is for a serious health condition related to pregnancy, and/or recovery from giving birth.

Parental Leave

  • Parental Leave is to care for and bond with a child in the first year after birth, adoption, or foster placement.

Safe Leave

  • Safe Leave is when you or your child under 18 experience sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment, or stalking.

Bereavement Leave

  • Bereavement leave (OFLA only) can be taken for up to two weeks following the loss of a family member.

Sick Child Leave

  • Sick Child Leave is for a child illness or injury that is not a serious health condition or school or daycare closure due to a public health emergency

Military Leave

  • Military Leave is for qualifying exigency leave or military caregiver leave.

Leave as an Accommodation (ADA)

  • Temporary leaves of absence for your own disability may be considered under the ADA if you are ineligible for other protected leaves.

All Other Leaves

  • If none of the above categories match your specific circumstances, review the options below. If you are not sure which type of leave is right for you, contact the PPS Leave Team at leave@pps.net.

    **Please note that if you are taking leave for a reason eligible for protected leave, you must complete the protected leave process prior to applying for one of the leaves below. 

  • Short Leaves

  • Vacation Requests

  • Contract Leaves

  • Association/Federal/Union Leave

  • Career Development: Study Leave or Student Teaching Leave

  • Unpaid Childcare

  • Other/Special Leaves

How Do I Apply?

  • FMLASource
    Administrator for all Medical, Family Medical, Pregnancy/Parental, Child Illness, COVID, Military, & ADA leave of absences

    Email: ServiceTeam3@FMLASource.com  
    Phone:  833-515-0763
    Call Center Hours:  Monday - Friday 5:30am-7:30 pm PST
    Website: www.fmlasource.com


    IMPORTANT: Anytime employees are missing work for more than three (3) days due to their own serious health condition, to care for a family member's serious health condition, or for a military leave, they are likely eligible for leave through federal and/or state law that provides employees with certain job protections.  In these cases, employees are directed to contact FMLASource to open a request for leave.