• Licensed Administrator Salary Guidelines & Stipends

    Updated: May 31, 2022

    In February 2022, after a comprehensive market analysis, listening and working group feedback, and Board approval, PPS implemented an updated Administrator Salary Scale and new salary placement guidelines to support our short- and long-term efforts to attract and retain a diverse administrative team ready and able to lead programs and schools to achieve our strategic plan and reflect our student population.

    The new salary structure, effective July 1, 2022, is available here. The method for calculating salary placement has been updated which you can view here.

    Two new stipends were established as part of the review. We are pleased to offer the following stipends:

    CSI, TSI, or Title 1 School Retention Stipend
    PPS provides a CSI, TSI,  or Title I school principal retention stipend program to align compensation with the additional investments PPS directs to our CSI, TSI, and Title 1 schools. Principals at these schools may be eligible for an annual $3,000 retention stipend if they meet all of the eligibility criteria below. The retention stipend will be paid at the end of each school year, starting with the school year ending June 30, 2023, with the eligible Principal’s June 30th paycheck. Each retention period is one school year. View the eligibility requirements for CSI, TSI, or Title 1 School Retention Stipend here

    2022 -2023 School Year CSI, TSI & Title 1 Schools:
    CSI Schools: Alliance HS, Boise-Eliot ES, Cesar Chavez K-8, Lent ES, Rigler ES, Rosa Parks ES, Scott ES, Sitton ES
    TSI Schools: Astor K-8, Beaumont MS, Bridger ES, Chapman ES, Chief Joseph ES, Faubion K-8, George MS, Irvington ES, James John ES, Jefferson HS, Kelly ES, Lane MS, Lee ES, Maplewood ES, Martin Luther King Jr. ES, Mt. Tabor MS, Ockley Green MS, Peninsula ES, Roseway Heights MS, Sabin ES, Vestal ES, Woodmere ES
    Title 1 Schools: please visit the Funded Programs website.

    Principal Retention Bonus
    PPS provides a Licensed Administrator - Principal Retention Bonus program to recognize the value for students to have consistent, highly effective building administrators. Principals with 7 years of experience as a Principal with PPS may be eligible for a $3,000 retention bonus (bonus) if they meet all of the eligibility criteria below. The Bonus will be paid every three years beginning at the conclusion of the seventh year.  

    Bonuses will be paid at the end of an eligible Principals anniversary year.  For example, a Principal who begins their tenth year of service July 1, 2023 will receive a $3,000 bonus payment at the end of the school year with their June 30, 2024 paycheck.

    View the eligibility requirements for the Principal Retention Bonus here.