• Employment Verification

    Employment Verification Overview: Employment verification is a service that PPS provides upon request by employees and third-parties with a legitimate interest in an employee’s employment record. This information is often requested so that the employee (or third-party) may:

    • Obtain financial credit or qualify for a lease (e.g., car loan, mortgage or apartment)
    • Prove eligibility for social benefits (e.g., subsidized housing or child care)
    • Demonstrate teaching or work experience to another school district or employer
    • Verify service history and past pension contributions for retirement systems

    Employment verifications normally include information such as – but not limited to – job title, date of hire, and FTE. It does not include information concerning performance information, annual review/evaluations or personal attributes such as an employee’s character. PPS does not confirm future salaries for new hires or for any employee, nor do we guarantee prospects of continued employment.

    For Prior Work Experience requests for former* PPS employees: please send request to hronline@pps.net

    To request Income and Employment Verifications for current PPS employees, please follow these instructions. 

    All Portland Public Schools employment and income verification is provided by The Work Number, a service of TALX Corporation.  The Work Number provides automated employment and salary verifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It's safe, fast and easy to use. Click here for a printable Quick Reference Guide

    Who can request information?

    Employment verification can be requested by both current and former PPS employees as well as third-parties (e.g., mortgage companies, prospective landlords, agencies extending social benefits and third-parties with a legitimate interest in an employee’s employment record).

    Public Records Requests

    Portland Public Schools recognizes and honors the importance of ensuring transparency of government records. Public access to government documents is a foundational value of our democracy and it is the intent of the school district to honor this value. Administrative Directive 2.50.012 sets forth the process by which members of the public can request records from the school district. It is the intention of the school district to respond to requests and to provide records in a timely fashion.  However, depending on the age of the record and the complexity of the request, state law allows the district to charge *for the actual cost in responding to any public records requests for former employees.

    As a public agency, Portland Public Schools is committed to its obligation to make records available to the public, as required by state law (Chapter 192 of the Oregon Revised Statutes). To facilitate the process, PPS employs a Public Records Officer.

    Providing records to the public is a responsibility of the school district, and in most cases the school district has been able to meet this responsibility without charging requestors for the time involved in responding to the request. However, if a specific request asks for information outside of what is usually and customarily provided or if it may take more than thirty (30) minutes for staff to compile the requested information, the school district reserves the right to charge *for the actual cost involved to respond to the request.

    *Please note for Employment Verifications or any requests for historical information on former employees that pre-date the 2000-2001 school year, the AD 2.50.012 Process for Responding to Requests for Public Records applies and the District will require payment prior to processing the request. Please review the AD 2.50.012 for rates on records requests for more information.

    To request public records from PPS Communications, email publicrecords@pps.net, or visit the Communications website