• PAT Educator Multilingual Language Stipend
    Updated November 29, 2021

    If you work at a school where a minimum of 15% of the students in your school have a common language other than English according to the October 1 enrollment reports and you are fluent in the identified language, you may be eligible for the PAT bilingual stipend as outlined in Appendix I - Bilingual or Multilingual Ability.

    If your school is listed below, then the languages spoken other than English do reach the 15% threshold this school year. 

    Eligible Language & School(s):
    American Sign Language - Columbia Regional Program
    Chinese - Woodstock ES 
    - Kelly ES
    Spanish - Beaumont MS, Benson HS, Bridger ES, Cesar Chavez K-8. George MS, Headstart - Clarendon, Sacajawea, and Sitton sites, James John ES, Lent ES, McDaniel HS, Rigler ES, Roosevelt HS, Rosa Parks ES, Rosemary Anderson HS - New Columbia Site, Scott ES, Sitton ES,  and Teen Parent Services.
    Vietnamese - Rose City Park ES

    To apply for the stipend, please complete this form no later than Friday, December 10. 

    After you have completed the form, a Human Resources representative will connect with you to schedule the oral and written language assessment with ALTA. After you complete each assessment, ALTA will send the results to Human Resources and usually arrive within a few business days. In order to be eligible for the bilingual stipend you must pass both the oral and written assessments with a score of seven (7) or higher. 

    Once approved, the stipend is $1,500 annually, prorated by FTE, and will be prorated over your remaining paychecks for the school year.

    Remember, the stipend is determined on a yearly basis based on the October 1 enrollment at each school. This may mean you are eligible for the stipend one year and not another year. Each year we will inform educators of their potential eligibility and provide the opportunity to indicate their eligibility. Educators will only have to test one time and are not required to test every year. Educators who work directly in the DLI program and receive the DLI Stipend are not eligible for the bilingual stipend. 

    If you have questions, please contact your HR Staffing Associate.


    PAT DLI Stipend

    DLI classroom educators will begin receiving a stipend in the 2021-2022 school year as outlined in the PAT contract (section 12.1.5). The $3,000 stipend for teaching in the partner language in a DLI program will appear on the November paycheck (November 30) and will be prorated over each paycheck for the remainder of the school year.

    PFSP Second Language Stipend

    Article posted in the Admin Portal on August 31, 2021

    The PFSP contract recognizes the importance of language diversity in supporting our students and school communities.  If the regular duties of an employee includes the regular use of a second language used by your school community, the employee may be eligible to be paid a 5% annual stipend. This applies to positions which do not already have a second language required as the regular duties of the position. 

    The stipend must be reviewed and submitted annually by the building administrator or supervisor and approved by HR.

    Administrators and Supervisors must complete the online Google form (click here: PFSP Second Language Stipend Form) for review and possible approval.

    Requests submitted by October 31 will be retroactively paid to the beginning of the school year once it is approved. 

    Requests submitted and approved after October 31 will become effective the first day of the following pay period.