Retire from PPS

PERS Retirement Information by Employee Group

  • What Employee Group am I in?

ATU - Amalgamated Transit Union

  • ATU Retirement FAQ
  • ATU Early Retiree Benefits Information

DCU - District Council of Unions

  • DCU Retirement FAQ
  • DCU Early Retiree Benefits Information

Licensed Administrators

  • Licensed Administrators Retirement FAQ
  • Licensed Administrators Retiree Benefits Plans
  • Licensed Administrators Retiree Rates for 2023-2024


  • Non-Represented Employee Retirement FAQ
  • Non-Represented Retiree Benefits Plans
  • Non-Represented Self-Pay Retiree Rates for 2023-2024 (last section of rate sheet)

PAT - Portland Association of Teachers

  • PAT Retirement FAQ
  • PAT Early Retiree Benefits Information

PFSP - Portland Federation of School Professionals

  • PFSP Retirement FAQ
  • PFSP Early Retiree Benefits Information

SEIU - Service Employees International Union

  • SEIU Retirement FAQ
  • SEIU Retiree Benefits Plans
  • SEIU Self-Pay Retiree Rates for 2023-2024 (add medical, dental and vision for full cost)


  • Resigning (not retiring) from PPS
  • Retirement Workshops
  • Saving for Retirement - PERS & 403(b)