September 16, 2021

    As we continuously upgrade our safety measures, our transition to in-person work is now moving into the next phase. Eligible employees who would like to regularly work remotely up to 2 of their scheduled days per week need to review and submit their proposed schedules to their supervisors, and then forward the approved agreement to Human Resources. 

    he Central Office Remote Work Guidelines, position eligibility list, agreement, and exception forms have been finalized and are available here. 

    Due dates and roll-out phases are as follows:

    Thursday, September 30 - After discussion and with your supervisor, remote work agreement form(s) are due to HR.
    Week of October 4 - Return to central office a minimum of one day per week.
    Week of October 11 - Return to central office a minimum of two days per week.
    Week of October 18 - Return to central office, begin regular remote work schedule.

    Monday, October 18 - Statewide vaccine requirement in effect.
    January & June 2022 - Review of remote work protocols.

    Please connect with your supervisor and review the Central Office Remote Work Guidelines for suggestions on how to create a hybrid schedule that maximizes service to our schools, collaboration across teams, and coverage and teamwork within your immediate team.  


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    August 10, 2021

    Targeting September 17 Implementation/Expectation of Schedules.

    We announced last month that there will be options for remote work schedules, including as many as 2 remote days a week. Here is a look at our Central Office Remote Work Guidelines, which are very close to final. Our remote work option is scheduled to go into effect September 17.  During the transition between now and October 1, there remains flexibility to do some of your work remotely.  You can work with your supervisor on your schedule.

    As we stated before, this remote work plan will continue to be assessed and, as needed, refined by January 2022 and again by July 2022 and will be guided by the success of the plan, fidelity of implementation and staff feedback.

    Please stay tuned for more information and a calendar of our upcoming PPS HQ Community Days.