• Professional Educator Unassignement Information:



    Classified (PFSP) Unassignment Information:

    The preference form is to be completed by all PFSP Bargaining Unit members. The information provided in this form will be used in the event that a re-assignment decision is to be made.

    If an employee declared unassigned or is a need of reassignment, but has been given reasonable assurance of continued employment by the District, they shall be placed on a list of such employees for reassignment in accordance with Article 12.C.2. The District, when practicable, shall consider preferences of the employee, which shall be collected in a standardized manner.


    Click here to complete the Preference form: https://goo.gl/forms/ctbrUP9KWALq78F22 


    PowerPoint Presentation from the Unassignment Meeting (PFSP unit members) -Unassignment process information: