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  • Project Overview

    The Roosevelt Phase 4 project provides a new 10,000 sq ft addition to Roosevelt High School to improve the school's Maker Space and CTE program. It will also convert the current MakerSpace into a 1,161 sf science classroom and convert the current 3,016 sf Construction Technology CTE space into the MakerSpace/CTE Lab. The additional 10,000 sf will include a 3,250 sf Construction Technology CTE space on the first floor; the second floor would include four 850 sf general education classrooms, with a flexible partition wall between two of the classrooms.

    Enhanced Construction CTE Space
    Roosevelt's Construction Technology CTE program does not currently have enough space to teach the wide range of skills used in commercial construction. Moving the Construction Technology CTE program into the ground floor of the addition will provide enough space for it to become a true commercial construction CTE program, with opportunities to learn welding, plumbing, electrical and wood framing. Possible construction projects include Tiny Houses, public shelters, and remodels of an existing house. The Construction Technology CTE has also been a very sought-after CTE program at Roosevelt and has had to turn students away due to space constraints. The expanded space will provide opportunities to enroll more students in the space.

    Improved Maker Space
    Roosevelt's MakerSpace will also move into the Phase 4 addition. It will more than double the size of the MakerSpace/CTE Lab to 3,016 sf, while still maintaining the ground-level, industrial access to the outdoor courtyard.  The current Construction Technology CTE space already has the infrastructure necessary for the equipment-heavy MakerSpace/CTE Lab.  Direct exterior access to the MakerSpace/CTE Lab also allows potential for community use with a future community partner.  In addition construction Technology CTE and MakerSpace/CTE Lab will both be within close access to the theater, which will allow for continued use of those spaces in creating stage pieces.  The current MakerSpace, once vacated, will be available for Roosevelt administration to use as a science lab. This location is close to all of the other Roosevelt science labs, making for operational efficiency.

    Upper Level Classroom Additions
    Four classrooms will be added on the upper floor of the addition, with an operable partition between two of them providing flexibility to program the spaces as needed.  One option magy be to move other classroom-based CTE programs to these classrooms, to create a CTE Hub at that area of the school.  The operable partition would also allow two of the classrooms to be turned into a larger space that could accommodate Senior Inquiry classes or even science labs.


  • Project History

    Board Resolution 4852 (December 16, 2013) approved the Roosevelt High School Full Modernization Master Plan as part of the 2012 Capital Bond Program. It authorized design for Common area capacities for 1,700 students and Classrooms for 1,350 students.

    Board Resolution 4871 (February 3, 2014) adopted the District Education Specifications ("Ed Specs") for Comprehensive High Schools.

    Board Resolution 4936 (June 23, 2014) approved the RHS Schematic Design. The resolution acknowledged the need for a revised total size of 235,000 sq ft. and directed staff to explore opportunities for additional classroom space.

    Spring 2015
    Construction of Phase 1 of the Roosevelt High School Full Modernization project commenced. Three phases of construction were planned.

    Board Resolution 5131 (August 4, 2015) authorized analysis of an alternative to the approved RHS Master Plan, to look at potential re-use of the existing Roosevelt Shop Building for conversion to a STEM and hands-on CTE work space. The Shop Building would have provided roughly 11,000 sf. In February 2016, it was "determined that a better location would be north and adjacent to the existing Roosevelt theater and Career and Technical Education (CTE) construction program."

    Board Resolution 5242 (April 5, 2016) approved the amendment of the Approved Master Plan and Schematic Design of Roosevelt High School to include up to 10,000 additional sq ft to expand available Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math ("STEM") as well as hands-on Career Technical Education ("CTE") work spaces. As stated in the resolution: Recital F: The Board seeks to include up to 10,000 additional square feet of Makerspace. The first floor will house two new state-approved GTE programs of study­Manufacturing and Aviation/Transportation in partnership with local industry. A program run by a third party will be available to community members in the evenings. The upper floor will be a modern Makerspace open to the whole district as a PPS Makerspace HUB that will hold priority for Roosevelt students. 

    This new Makerspace per Resolution No. 5242 was intended to be built in addition to the existing Makerspace that was built as part of the Roosevelt modernization project. With the modernization of Roosevelt completed, there is currently approximately 11,000 square feet of Makerspace and career technology education, Career Related Learning, science labs and journalism. The resolution approved up to $5 million from 2012 Capital Bond to fund up to an additional 10,000 square footage for CTE/Makerspace. The sources of funding would be existing and future premium from bond sales. Over the next two years, PPS staff worked with consultants and stakeholders to review potential development options, complete construction drawings sufficient to submit for building permit review, and acquire land use approval from the City of Portland.

    September, 2017
    The District Education Specifications for Comprehensive High Schools was revised in collaboration with Portland Association of Teachers leadership. Recommended MakerSpace size was 1 room of 1,200 square feet. Recommended total Career Preparation / CTE classrooms and labs was 4,800 square feet, with quantity of rooms and specific square feet per room to be determined per site.

    April 17, 2018
    There was a presentation to the Board's Finance, Audit and Operations (FAO) Committee on the status of the project by former Chief Operating Officer Jerry Vincent. Direction provided to staff at that meeting was to pause the current project planning efforts so that it could be informed by and coordinated with a district wide comprehensive CTE master plan that was expected to launch later that year.

    August 28, 2018
    A bond program finance update was presented to the Board with a recommendation to allocate the initial $5M funding that had been set aside by passage of Resolution No. 5242 in 2016 back to the 2012 bond program to support current work. This presentation also described, "the Roosevelt Maker Space as an outstanding decision that needs to be made. Staff will recommend a combination of funding sources to support this project."

    Board Resolution 6018 (Dec. 17, 2019)
    Board Resolution 6018
    authorizes staff to modify the Roosevelt Phase IV project design of the 10,000 sf addition, and modify selected rooms in the existing building, to better meet current and future Roosevelt High School STEM and CTE needs as proposed in the Staff Recommendation of the Roosevelt Phase IV project. The Board authorizes staff to complete construction of the project.

    Resolution 5242 allocated $5M of 2012 bond funds to the development of Makerspace at Roosevelt High School. Using 2012 bond funds, $382,661 has been spent on design to date, with an additional $113,960 committed but not yet invoiced, for a total of $496,621. The 2012 bond program currently estimates completing all other school modernization projects such that the $4,503,379 remaining from the allocated $5M may be funded from 2012 bond program funds. Staff recommends using $4,503,379 from the 2012 Bond funds to fund this project.

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    Project Timeline

    Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2020 and will be ready for students in the fall of 2021.