• 2020 Bond ADA/Accessibility Project Overview

    The 2020 Bond approved by voters allows for $33.8 million in main-level accessibility upgrades. Funds approved for accessibility will allow the District to remove barriers at the main level of all school buildings district-wide.

    What ADA/Accessibility projects are happening through the 2020 Bond?
    Main-level accessibility/ project construction work includes upgrades to areas of the school that allow all people to reach the main entrance from the bus drop-off area and/or parking lot, access to essential programming; including an individual's classroom(s), the cafeteria, library, gym, and one or more accessible restroom(s).

    Projects were prioritized according to eligibility for federal and state funding and cost of each project and divided into two phases. SPED built environment improvements will happen concurrent with accessibility improvements at each site. The work takes place through two different phases.

    2020 Bond ADA upgrades Phase 1
    Phase 1 construction is underway at the following schools: 
    Lane, Mt Tabor, Vestal, Richmond, Scott, Beaumont, Irvington, George, Sitton, Chapman, Grout, Maplewood, MLC, Monroe/DaVinci, Sunnyside, Tubman, Winterhaven, Astor, Boise Eliot, Chavez, Chief Joseph, James John, King, Ockley Green, Peninsula, Rosa Parks, Sabin, Woodlawn, Bridger, Clark, Green Thumb, Kelly, Lent, Lee, Marysville, Rigler, Roseway Heights, Whitman, Woodmere.

    Phase 1 work is expected to be substantial complete by late spring 2024.

    2020 Bond ADA upgrades Phase 2
    Phase 2 work will begin in the summer of 2024 and will take place at these schools: 
    Alameda, Applegate, Beach, Beaumont, Beverly Cleary Fernwood, Beverly Cleary Hollyrood, Clarendon, Kenton, Laurelhurst, Rose City Park, Sacajawea, Vernon, Ainsworth, Bridlemile, East Sylvan, Forest Park, Gray, Hayhurst, Skyline, West Sylvan, Arleta, Atkinson, Buckman, Cleveland, Creston, Glencoe, Hosford, Lewis, Marshall, Woodstock, Abernethy, Capitol Hill, Duniway, Jackson, Llewellyn, Markham, Rieke, Sellwod, Stephenson, Ida B Wells, Holladay Center & Youngson.

    Phase 2 work is expected to be substantial complete in early 2025.

    ADA project scope of work
    Work at each site varies, but most include some or all of the following modifications:

    Parking lot striping for accessible stalls
    Providing accessible walkways to accessible entryways
    Adding ADA door operators at main or accessible entries
    Exterior handrails at ramps and stairs
    Exterior ramp construction
    Renovating restrooms
    Replacing (e) sinks with accessible sinks
    School interior ramp construction
    Portable classroom entry modifications 
    Installation of assistive listening devices
    Installing lifts at theater stages 
    Interior handrail installation
    New accessible door hardware in classrooms and common areas throughout schools

    In addition to these improvements, SPED improvements are also happening concurrently. These include dimmable LED lighting in SPED classrooms and larger single-user restrooms suitable for special education students.  Learn more at the 2020 Bond SPED improvements webpage.