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    Benson Polytechnic High School is one of 3 PPS high schools being modernized or rebuilt through the May 2017 Bond. It was partially master planned as part of the 2012 School Building Improvement Bond. The goal of planning is to develop a comprehensive, equitable, integrated and visionary high school campus with authentic school and community engagement.  Phased three year construction on Benson Tech is scheduled to begin in 2021.

    The Master Plan for the Modernized Benson Polytechnic was approved unanimously by the School Board on Dec. 18th, 2018.

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    School Board supports expanded Benson modernization plan

    On February 26th the PPS Board of Education voted to expand the Benson Modernization project plan to include all the Multiple Pathways to Graduation programs (MPG) that are currently housed at the Benson campus. Recently, the district undertook a series of listening sessions, analysis of the needs of each the (MPG) programs and a survey of other sites in the district where they could be moved to.  From these meetings and analysis, it became clear that Benson Polytechnic’s central location and ability to provide hands on learning experiences offered the MPG program students the best opportunity for success. View the PPS School Board Resolution 5828

    In the modified Benson Master Plan, additional classroom space will be allocated within the Benson Polytechnic High School campus to accommodate Portland International Scholars (PISA), Pioneer High School, Portland Evening and Portland Summer Scholars and Portland Virtual Scholars.

    A new building will be added on site to house certain programs
    A separate stand-alone building of a 33,000 to 41,000 sq. ft built on the Benson property will also be used to house: Alliance High School at Benson, Reconnection Center & Services, Teen Parent Childcare and DART/Clinton School.  This new building is estimated to cost between $24,000,000-36,000,000 and would be funded through inclusion on the 2020 School Bond.

    Benson remains on schedule

    To ensure the Benson project remains on schedule, the Board of Education expects to undertake a future capital bond campaign in 2020 to support all phases of the ongoing Benson campus construction, among other projects. This will supplement the remaining money from the 2017 Bond allocated to the Benson project.  If a bond is not referred or passed by voters in 2020, the Benson project, inclusive of the MPG dedicated building, is expected to be completed by a Full Faith and Credit Bond.

    Benson Master Plan approved

    View the approved master plan

    The PPS School Board has officially approved the Benson Polytechnic Modernization Master Plan.  Read more about it here.

    Benson to begin construction in 2021

    The PPS School Board has officially approved the order of the middle school and high school modernization projects from the May 2017 Bond.

    The construction on Benson Polytechnic would begin in the summer of 2021 and is anticipated to be built in three phases, completed in 2022, 2023 and 2024. The plan is to have students continue to use different parts of the school and shift to areas that have been completed over the three years. Read the full PULSE story on the construction schedule for the May 2017 Bond schools here.

    Benson additional documents

    BPHS BOE Masterplan Report 12-11-18

    BPHS Site Specific Educational Specification 12-11-18

    Benson Tech Pre-Design Diligence Report (6-26-17)

    Benson Focus Option Educational Specifications

    The District's Comprehensive High School Educational Specifications

    What Is Modernization?

    Benson's proposed modernization will completely reconfigure and update learning spaces with a focus on indoor environmental quality, sustainability and historic preservation. Full modernizations retain the historic character of the school while bringing those buildings up to code and concurrently creating a more modern learning environment.

    This is considered the most cost-effective, sustainable way to improve Benson, due to age, condition and historic significance.

    View an info-graphic that describes factors that influence the design of a future Benson High School

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    Benson schedule

    The construction on Benson Polytechnic would begin in the summer of 2021 and is anticipated to be built in three phases, completed in 2022, 2023 and 2024. 

    Project Team

    Bassetti Architects is the architecture firm selected for the modernization of Benson Polytechnic High School. Since 1947, Bassetti Architects has designed places where people learn, work, play, and connect. They believe that architecture is most successful when it reflects client goals and thoughtfully interacts with the surroundings. The firm approach is to share their creative synergy and to join with clients and the community in a truly inclusive process with a commitment to excellence.