• PPS School Building Improvement Bond: Bond Program Overview

    The $482 million PPS School Building Improvement Bond, approved by voters in 2012, is well underway with seismic, roof, accessibility and science classroom upgrades already completed at a number of schools. The rebuilding of Franklin and Roosevelt high schools and Faubion PreK-8 is underway and will be completed by the fall of 2017. The Bond work will also fix leaking and deteriorating roofs and make seismic safety, accessibility and science classroom improvements at up to 63 other schools. As of the start of 2016 total of 45 schools have now received Bond work and these projects employ hundreds of workers from local companies.


    The bond program is the largest and furthest reaching that PPS has ever undertaken and is one of only two school bond programs of comparable size in state history.


    As this multi-faceted work unfolds, PPS wants the community to be informed and to have a resource for understanding some of the complexities of the bond program that is reshaping our schools for 21st century learning.

    This Frequently Asked Questions document will be regularly updated. Submit questions to schoolmodernization@pps.net. We will respond to your email and will select larger/key questions for inclusion in this FAQ .

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  • Q: What are the bond program's Guiding themes?

  • Q: What is the budget for the whole bond program?

  • Q: Why did PPS decide to build comprehensive high schools for higher enrollment than originally planned?

  • Q: Why and how have the budgets for rebuilding the high schools increased?

  • Q: Is the budget allocation for the three high school projects equitable?

  • Q: How is PPS deciding how large to build the high schools?

  • Q: What has PPS done to manage costs while balancing the longevity and functionality of the buildings?

  • Q: Why are PPS and the City collaborating on student transportation projects at bond schools?

  • Q: How can I remain involved in the bond projects as they unfold?