Grant Modernization

    Grant High School Modernization a $116.1 million investment in Northeast Portland.
    Construction began June 2017
    Construction complete Fall 2019
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    Grant High School is the 3rd PPS high schools being modernized as part of the 2012 School Building Improvement Bond. Grant's modernization will completely reconfigure and update learning spaces with a focus on indoor environmental quality, sustainability and historic preservation. Construction began in the summer of 2017 and students are scheduled to return to a Modernized Grant in the fall of 2019.

  • Project Updates

    1956 Gym is Demolished November 2017

    Grant Gym Demolition
    The last existing building at Grant to be demolished has come down! Just prior to Thanksgiving the demolition team brought down the 1956 Gym, which was often referred to by the Grant community as the “New Gym”. It was originally built to house an automotive shop and regulation sized gym. Most recently, it was the location of the weight room, wrestling room, dance studio, batting cages, and main gym. Parts of the gym will see new life when Grant reopens in 2019.  Keep an eye out for sections of the gym floor and bleachers in the modernized campus.

    With the 1956 gym removed, the historic front of the 1923 gym has become wholly visible. This little gem (also known as the “old gym”, was built as part of the original school and has been covered up for the past 50 years. The 1923 gym will be renovated as an arts complex, housing all of the visual arts programs and a central gallery space. The elevated track has been removed to make way for second floor classrooms.

    On the other end of campus, excavation is complete for the new athletic facility. This will house a regulation size gym with seating for 1,700, an auxiliary gym, weight room, concessions, band room and spin area. Soon crews will begin installing underground utilities and structure.

    As of the Thanksgiving break, about 80% of the planned demolition has been completed. If you look at most parts of the school you will be able to look straight through the building as no walls are left, only the concrete floors and the structure.
    Demolition and abatement October 2017
    Grant brick & window work
    Demolition and abatement are in full swing at Grant High School. Most of the former outbuildings have been removed including the science building, library and all three portables. The is also slated for demolition this fall. The team is in the process of salvaging the gym floor and bleacher wood from the 1956 gym for use in the modernized school. Once salvage is complete the “new” 1956 gym will be demolished.

    Exterior brick restoration has begun.  This is largely focused on the portions of the school that were built in 1923; the east elevation of the main building (facing NE 36th) and the 1923 gym, which is being redesigned as the arts complex. If you are in the park, you may see work being done to remove the existing mortar which will be replaced with a mortar that will elongate the life of the bricks. The original mortar had a tendency to crack the bricks and make them fail, so this process is designed to stop that. Additionally, we are removing and replacing failed bricks at the 1923 buildings to better protect the structures from rain.

    You might notice that the west side of the school facing the park has been stripped of the windows and brick. This side of the building will be extended by fifty feet, adding new construction to the renovated building. What you currently see will become an interior wall in the final configuration. The addition will be a three-story structure, designed to connect the north and south basement classrooms to the rest of the school.

    Lastly, excavation for the new athletic facility is underway at the south side of the site. This new facility will house the main gym, an auxiliary gym, locker rooms, weight room and band room.

    Construction Begins August 2017

    Grant sign ver 2.0 coming fall 2019
    Construction is now underway for the Modernization of Grant High School. Construction crews are working on abatement of materials in the historic buildings and those structures that will be demolished to make way for new facilities.  The Grant staff and teachers have taken up residence in the former Marshall High Campus that will serve as Grant's temporary home for the next two years. Transportation systems are now in place to help students reach the Marshall campus once school starts on August 30th. For more information please consult this tranportation to Marshall FAQ and this new interactive map shows the transportation options for reaching Marshall.
    Grant Students at groundbreaking

    After a joyous groundbreaking ceremony on June 3rd the Grant Community is preparing for the transition to the Marshall Campus.  The Grant site will be closed off by late June and abatement will begin shortly after that.

Grant Project Images

Grant Construction 12-12-17
  • Construction Information

    The construction schedule is typically 7am-5pm, Mon.-Fri. However some work may occur on evenings and weekends.
    The Grant site is now closed and fenced off.  With the Grant pool closed for the season the parking lot will be closed.
    The Grant Bowl remains open and will not be impacted by construction.
  • Project Team 

    Mahlum is the architecture firm that PPS selected for the modernization of Grant High School. Deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Mahlum creates spaces that express the culture, aspirations and identity of the communities they serve, distinctively honoring the character of each K-12 school they design.
    Andersen Colas Construction joint venture team is the CM/GC contractor for the modernization of Grant High School.  As two locally owned, multi-generational, family-run construction companies, Andersen Colas is excited to play a vital role in the transformation of this historic community school.