• Employee Work Expectations

    September 1, 2020

    Conversations are ongoing with unions regarding employee expectations for Fall 2020. This page will be updated as soon as the agreements are finalized.

    June 1, 2020 

    The following web pages outline work expectations for employee groups. Please review the most recent updates to stay up to date on expectations and compensation and how they impact employees who are eligible for the PPS Work Share program.



    March 20, 2020

    Dear PPS Employees,

    Thank you in advance for your continued patience during this unprecedented time. We understand that the escalating coronavirus situation is unsettling. We are endeavoring to keep you and our communities as informed and as supported as we can in this rapidly changing environment.

    This communication is to update information from our earlier emails to you regarding work expectations and compensation, following Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-08 issued Tuesday evening.   

    To ensure we can provide required services, continue our support of families and staff, and maintain essential business operations, while upholding or exceeding all health-related standards, many employees have been and will be asked to work remotely--these include our educators, non-represented staff, custodians and maintenance employees, nutrition services workers, and many classified members, from campus security agents to secretaries. 

    The Governor’s executive order directs school districts to:

    • Deliver education and learning supports 
    • Provide school meals
    • Provide child care to emergency responders and health care professionals 
    • Continue to regularly pay school district employees

    Please review the appropriate link below regarding your work group for work expectations and compensation.


    Work Expectations & Compensation by Employee Group
    Note: if you are unsure which employee group you fall into, please talk with your supervisor.


    Human Resources is Open
    The Human Resources team is working remotely and available to answer your questions and offer continuing employee services. The best way to reach us at this time is via email; however, we are also monitoring voicemail.  

    Need contact information? Our general email is, and a list of HR services and contacts is available through this link. Unless otherwise communicated, all timelines and due dates remain unchanged such as contractual leave requests, staffing dates, etc.


    District Business Continues
    While our offices are closed, most central department functions are working remotely and continue to conduct business in support of our employees, students, contractors, and external vendors and companies. This includes everything from remote technology support, to paying bills, processing leave requests, and running payroll. 

    The migration to Gmail continues as planned beginning Monday, March 23. Please visit the project webpage and FAQs for additional information.

    If you need assistance from a specific department, please visit the department’s website for contact information. 


    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    As always, the employee assistance program is available to you and your families. The EAP provides services ranging from 24-hour crisis help to confidential counseling to financial and legal services. 

    EAP information is available on the HR website here


    Stronger Together
    On a personal note, as many of you are consuming the news, I hope you are also taking in story after heartwarming story of acts of community and kindness across the globe.  

    This week, in our community, PPS staff have been distributing meals and curricula to our students and families, while also offering mental health supports, translation and interpretation, and other services. In cities across Europe, people came to their windows and balconies in unison at designated times to applaud health workers and to fill the streets with music. 

    Linked by the Internet, my own 12 year-old (and PPS student) is in daily contact with his friend (a former PPS student) who moved back to China this past summer. After more than two months of closed schools and city-wide lockdown, my son’s young friend, a seasoned veteran of on-line learning and coronavirus fear, casually provides tips from the other side of the globe on how to make the most of Portland’s extended closure.  

    In a time of social distancing, we have many opportunities to act collectively, by helping our neighbors, observing the guidance to “flatten the curve,” and finding new ways to connect. Please continue making every effort to follow published health-related guidelines such as regular handwashing and social distancing. 


    Please take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and each other,


    Sharon Reese
    Chief Human Resources Officer