Work Share - What you need to know

  •  Wednesday, May 6, 2020


    Dear PPS Colleagues,

    Last night the Board of Education approved Portland Public Schools’ plan to move district operations, including instructional days, to a Monday-Thursday schedule through the end of July. They also approved adding the inclement weather days, June 8-10, back into the school year. 

    For most district employees, this will mean a 20% reduction in work hours for these weeks and participation in the Work Share program.

    Employees who reduce weekly hours by 20% and participate in the Work Share program, should see no net loss of income; in fact, most eligible employees will see a slight increase in compensation during eligible weeks. Reducing hours and compensation by 20% as soon as possible enables eligible employees to take advantage of the federal CARES Act dollars (a flat $600/week) that will be added to any state unemployment compensation benefits for the reduction in hours. 

    Employees who are ineligible will remain on their regular work hours and compensation and will not participate in the Work Share program.


    Today and tomorrow:

    • Look for communication about your eligibility. Employees will receive an email regarding eligibility/ineligibility to participate in the Work Share plan. 
    • Begin planning for the new schedule now. Employees should work with their managers to determine their work schedule and expectations.


    • For employees who are eligible, your first work share day will be this Friday, May 8.
    • For employees who are ineligible, you will continue to work your regular hours.

    Monday-Thursday next week:

    • Complete the Initial Claim Form for the Work Share program. There is nothing to do this week because the Oregon Employment Department (OED) is creating a streamlined process for PPS to speed up claims and avoid delays.  
      • Forms required for the Work Share program will not be due until next week. 
      • We will make those forms available to you with instructions and support options as soon as the process has been finalized by OED.
      • Initial Claim forms submitted next week will apply to the first week of the Work Share program.


    You may have questions about who is eligible or ineligible. State law for the Work Share program determines eligibility. Here are the most common reasons why an employee might be ineligible:

    • You have worked for the district less than 6 months full time and 12 months part time.
    • You are on a leave of absence (or an intermittent leave of absence and you take intermittent leave during a work share week).
    • You are a limited term (LT) employee. LT employees do not meet the eligibility requirements for Work Share.

    We ask for your patience as we implement this program in unique conditions. We are working every day with OED to roll out this program, and we are updating our information and guidance as new information becomes available.

    This plan is an important step for PPS to preserve resources now in order to offset significant budgetary impacts for the 2020-21 school year due to the COVID-19 crisis. Every dollar we save this spring will allow us to protect as many staff positions and instructional days as possible in 2020-21. 

    If you have questions about PPS’ Work Share plan, we invite you to visit our resource and FAQ page by clicking here.

    Thank you for your continued dedication to the students we serve.  

    Sharon Reese
    Chief Human Resources Officer