Work Share - Short Leave Reporting

  • Updated: Sunday, May 17, 2020

    Short Leave of Absence & Partial Furlough / Work Share Program Guidelines

    If you have questions related to a leave of absence because of a  COVID-19 related reason, please contact

    If you are on a long term leave of absence, you are ineligible for the Work Share program. 


    These guidelines apply to short-term, non-COVID-19 related leaves.


    Each week - 

    • If less than a full-day leave needed → work with supervisor to flex schedule the same week Mon-Thurs

    • If one day of leave needed:
      • Non-vacation leave → work with supervisor to ensure you maintain a reduced schedule by shifting available work to Friday and from the day the leave is needed, the employee subsequently works on Friday.

      • Vacation leave → As vacation leave is elective, employees are not allowed to take one day of vacation leave during a week in which the district is participating in the Work Share program.  If they take the vacation day, they will be required to use vacation for the unscheduled Friday as well, because they would be ineligible to participate in the WorkShare program for the week. 
    • If employees need 2+ days of leave needed, regardless of leave reason → employees are not reduced by 20% that week, as the leave makes them ineligible for work share, which means they will earn their regular pay for the week. They must work their regular schedule taking the 2+ days of leave and either:
      • work Friday, or
      • take leave time for Friday