Work Share - Washington Residents

  • Tuesday, June 16, 2020

    Last week, Work Share notified PPS that employees who are also Washington residents must file a second confirmation of their choice to participate in the Oregon Work Share program in addition to filing their Initial Claim Form. 


    Per the Oregon Work Share Program, you should have received a letter in the last couple of weeks asking you to confirm your choice to have an Oregon unemployment claim, which allows you to participate in Oregon Work Share. At OED’s direction, we initially informed employees they could disregard any letters they received in the mail. In light of this new information, we are providing instructions below on how to complete this confirmation which must be sent directly to the Oregon Work Share program. 


    ​To Confirm Participation in PPS Work Share

    The most efficient way to respond to the letters is by email. To remain in ​PPS ​Oregon Work Share​ Program​, send an email to using the following format. 



    Subject:  Choice Options


    In response to the letter I received on “date*” about multiple filing options, I am selecting the​ option to apply for Work Share in Oregon. 


    Your Full Name


    *You should enter the date you received the communication from Work Share.  ​If you do not know the exact date, please use you best estimate for this information.  


    ​If you have questions about this process please contact HR at

    -Human Resources