• Retired PPS Employees Application Process

    All Portland Public Schools retired employees who are interested in applying to be a Substitute Teacher, Substitute Paraeducator, Substitute Secretary, or Substitute Administrator must apply to the appropriate PPS posting through our TAM application system. 

    Website: careers.pps.net


    Job Opening IDs:

    • Applicant Pool - PPS Substitute Teacher: 22446
    • Applicant Pool - PPS Substitute Secretary: 22449
    • Applicant Pool - PPS Substitute Paraeducator: 22447
    • Applicant Pool - PPS Retiree Substitute Administrator: 22451


    In light of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Health Care Reform, Portland Public Schools changed its rehiring practice to align with the ACA.

    Retirees and/or employees who resign their positions with the District will be required to take at least a 26-week break in service and will not be eligible to be rehired into any PPS position during this break in service. The reason for this change in practice is because under ACA final rules, all educational entities are required to offer the same level of benefits to any returning employee who had benefits prior to leaving the District, unless they have at least a 26-week break in service before returning.   

    In order to comply with the ACA rule, the District will cease rehiring employees until they have had at least a 26-week break in service.  Please note this change does not prohibit you from being hired by another employer.



    If you are a new retiree interested in subbing after retirement, you may apply, but your application cannot be considered until you have reached a 26-week break in service after your last day worked.  Once you have reached that milestone, the District will review applications in the order received for possible hire, if positions still remain available and the employee is otherwise eligible to be rehired.

    The Human Resources Department is aware of the inconvenience this may cause our employees, former PPS employees, and PPS administrators and supervisors.  We also understand plans may have been made, which may need to be revised surrounding the rehiring of former employees, especially recent retirees.  We are here to help you navigate this complex change. Please don’t hesitate to contact PPS Benefits at 503-916-3544 if assistance is needed in determining whether your particular situation applies to this change.

    For any questions, please contact the PPS Substitute Office at ppssub@pps.net. For more information regarding the online application process, please review the Online Application FAQs & Resources.