• Handbook - General Information


    1.     Pre-employment

    All PPS job offers are contingent on the satisfactory completion of a background check, including fingerprinting and criminal records; Child Abuse Prevention / Sexual Conduct Training; appropriate Oregon licensure; sexual conduct verification (HB2062); and professional references.


    2.     Delays or School Closure due to Weather

    Media announcements may not be the most reliable source of school closure information.  For the most accurate and up-to-date school closure information, go to http://www.pps.net/ or http://www.pdxinfo.net/. When there is a delay or closure, the District updates those websites and the PPS Social Media Accounts, as well as sends out an all PPS e-mail with the most current and accurate information available. You may also sign-up for text message alerts by texting YES to 68453.

    1. Delays – Substitutes scheduled to work when there is a delay in opening school are required to be at work, prepared, and available 15 minutes before the first scheduled classes (on the delay bell schedule).
    2. Closures – Substitutes and hourly employees that were scheduled to work at a school that closes for the day due to weather or unforeseen circumstances are not paid.


    3.     Cell Phone Usage

    Cell phones are not to be used for personal use during class instructional times: this includes texting, e-mailing, playing games, internet/data use, and blue tooth.  Please follow the building rules while on assignment for approved usage.


    4.     Half-Day Rules

    Substitutes should have a clear understanding of whether they are substituting for a whole day or a half-day assignment before accepting jobs.  When accepting two half-day jobs, it is the substitute’s responsibility to ensure he/she will be able to finish the morning job and to reach the afternoon job before the start time.


    5.     Leaving Early

    When accepting an assignment, it is your responsibility to be aware of the end time of the job.  You must work the scheduled day you have agreed to accept, as listed in Aesop / Absence Management.  If you are unable to work the scheduled time, do not accept the assignment.  The school’s expectation is that you will be able to fulfill the whole assignment once you have accepted.


    6.     Arriving Late

    The District expects that you will arrive on time to every assignment you accept.  If there is an emergency, please contact the school directly.   Please do not accept a job if you cannot arrive within one hour of accepting it.


    7.     Minimum Days Worked

    Although substitutes may work in other districts, have commitments, etc., this District expects a balancing of work availability.  Substitute Secretaries who fail to work the contractual minimum of 20 full days per school year when work is available may be removed from the list. Two half days equal one full day towards the minimum workday requirement.


    8.     Address Change

    If you need to change your address, you must update it with both the Substitute Office and with the District itself. To update it with the Substitute Office, please e-mail your new address to ppssub@pps.net. To update it with the district, you will use PeopleSoft HRMS Employee Self Service, which can be accessed by going to: selfservice.pps.net  


    9.     Renewal Process

    You will receive renewal information, if eligible, at the end of each school year during the month of July to renew for the next school year.


    10.  Child Abuse Prevention & Sexual Conduct Training

    The District requires all employees to receive Child Abuse Prevention & Sexual Conduct Training yearly at the start of each school year.  The sub office will notify all substitutes of when training must be completed in order to remain in compliance.


    11.  Medication Administration Training

    All Substitute Secretaries are required to complete the Medical Administration training, administered through the Multnomah Education Service District, and are required to maintain certification.


    12.  Break in Service

    A break in service (e.g., failure to renew annually, a resignation, deactivation, or removal due to excessive unavailability) means starting with a new hire date in the event that the application for substitute teaching is received and accepted by the District.


    13.  Call Times Disclaimer

    Portland Public Schools has specific callout times during which time Aesop / Absence Management will call you to offer assignments.  This ensures we have the greatest probability of filling all available assignments within a reasonable time frame.  Changing the required callout times through Aesop / Absence Management is not an option for PPS substitutes.  Any adjustments you make to the callout times will indicate you are not fully available as a substitute with PPS.  Limiting your availability to accept calls from our district will be considered a declaration of not accepting work and may be considered a non-work day for the purposes of employment verification. If we determine that you have put in callout times outside of the PPS established times, they will be removed from your profile.


    14.  Moving Secretaries to a New Location

    District policy states that on days the PPS is experiencing a high volume of absences, the Sub Office reserves the right to move a Substitute Secretary to a school who has no secretary staff that day to ensure that the best quality of service is provided in our schools. A Substitute Secretary is required to work all locations as directed by the Sub Office as a condition of employment.


    15.  Scheduled Term/Recess Periods

    Employment with the District calls for several customary vacation or recess periods (winter break, spring break, summer break, etc.) during the academic year. Following each of these periods, as established by the current school calendar, we expect that you will continue to perform job duties in the same or similar capacity as you did prior to any vacation or recess period.



    General Information – Aesop

    Accepting and Canceling Jobs

    Whenever possible, you should accept the job you are offered through Aesop / Absence Management.  Once you have done so, you should write down the job number, date, time, location, secretary, and any other information pertinent to the assignment.  If you need to cancel a job after accepting it, you should do so at the earliest possible opportunity.  This can be done by simply calling Aesop / Absence Management and following the prompts to cancel a job.  If you are cancelling a job within one (1) hour of the start time or cancelling one day of a multiple day assignment, you must call the Substitute Office Help Desk. The system will not let you cancel the job.


    Secretary Requests

    If a Secretary asks you to substitute for him/her, always call the Aesop / Absence Management line to make sure the system has put you into the job, or to accept the job if it is waiting for you to accept.  If you arrive at a school and find a double booking for the job that you have accepted, please call the Sub Office Help Desk at 503-916-3330.  The job will go to the substitute that accepted the job through the Aesop / Absence Management system.


    Aesop / Absence Management Calling Times

    The system will call in the morning only for jobs that day.  The system will not leave a message on an answering machine.  It will start to call out for future jobs in the afternoon. 


    Current Jobs                             Future Jobs        

    Monday - Thursday        5:30 AM--12:00 PM                    4:30 PM--9:00 PM

    Friday                           5:30 AM--12:00 PM                    No Calls

    Saturday                       No Calls                                    No Calls           

    Sunday                         No Calls                                    1:00 PM--9:00 PM

    Holiday                         No Calls                                    1:00 PM--5:00 PM


    Late Cancellations

    A cancellation is considered late when it is called in less than 12 hours before the job starts.  We understand that some late cancellations are unavoidable.  However, in order to give the system adequate time to find a replacement for you, cancellations should be made as early as possible.  On high call-out days, a late cancellation increases the odds that a job may go unfilled, placing undue stress on students and faculty.



    If you know you will not be available to work a specific date, please enter in a Non Work Day in Aesop / Absence Management. If you indicate you are unavailable today when Aesop / Absence Management is calling you to offer an assignment, the system will only make you unavailable for that job and you will continue to receive calls.  You need to call or log-in to the Aesop / Absence Management system to say you are unavailable for the whole day to stop the system from calling you.   This will alleviate the receipt of multiple calls on your phone and the District believing you are available.


    Emergency Calls

    When emergency needs arise due to a heavy demand for substitutes, all substitutes may be called for any assignment.