New Employee Forms

  • Please print and complete the following forms:

    1. Visit the Electronic I-9 form for employment eligibility: Form.
      1. Use PPS Employer Code 16512.
      2. You must bring your original identity and authorization document(s) with you when attending the pre-boarding session to finalize your new hire requirements.
    2. Criminal History Verification Form  Note: You will have a photo taken at your on-boarding session for an Employee ID badge. The badge will be sent to your supervisor.
      1. You will need to pay an $94.50 fingerprinting fee at your new employee on-boarding session (the $94.50 fee consists of a $12.50 fee to schedule FieldPrint appointment online and $82.00 fee for onsite fingerprinting). Fingerprint scheduling instructions
      2. If you currently hold an active TSPC license, you do not need to be fingerprinted. 
    3. New Hire/Rehire Personal Information Form
    4. State and Federal Ethnicity/Race Form
    5. Policy Acknowledgement Form  Note: This form is to acknowledge that you have read and reviewed these Policy/Administrative Directives
    6. Sick Leave Transfer Form (If applicable)
    7. PERS Beneficiary Form

    8. Note: Professional educators only: Prior Work Experience Form  (PAT Bargaining Unit)


    The following can be completed after hire through the Employee Self Service Portal

    Log In to Employee Self Service (ESS)

    • Direct Deposit Note: Payroll must first go through the pre-note process. Employees will initially receive a paper check, mailed to the home address provided to Human Resources. The first direct deposit may go into effect up to two pay cycles follwing set up of direct deposit.
    • Federal W-4 (PPS tax information)
    • Payment Frequency (current employees only) Note: Available for non-temporary 210 day or less positions; all non-temporary positions automatically default to a 12 month payment frequency.
    • Update personal details (address & contact information)
    • Enroll in Benefits