• Winter Update - February 2024

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    Winter 2024 Educational Technology Improvement Update

    The Bond 2020 Teaching Station Computer Installation project has completed Bond 2020 school group twelve which included 64 schools so far. This project included a new desktop teaching station computer and monitor in each classroom. The team will start installation on the Bond 2020 school group thirteen and continue on through the schedule. The teaching station computer and monitor replacement project team is currently working on Bond 2020’s school group thirteen which includes Rosa Parks, Astor, Grout, Vernon, and Whitman.

    The installation work is underway for the Bond 2020 Educational Technology Improvement Project’s School Group three, which include Pioneer Youngson campus, Community Transition Program SE- Green Thumb, and the Community Transition Project - King Annex at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Campus, and Chapman Elementary. Classroom technology improvements will include a wall phone for the teachers, a laser projector mounted to the wall, and teacher audio amplification so everyone can hear the teacher in the room. A new gym call box will be installed in each school’s gym. Wi-Fi will be installed in each classroom and fiber network improvements will increase Wi-Fi speeds for faster online connectivity throughout the school.

    This is the phase with the largest special needs programming. 77% of participants are enrolled in special needs programming, this school group has a total of 656+ total students with 84% of students coming from historically underserved communities. In addition, one school is a TSI ranked school. This school group’s buildings are on average 78 years old.