PPS Bargaining Update - October 12, 2022

October 12

This morning we had a productive first bargaining session with PAT. The focus was on Article 9, "Discipline and Safety."

PPS presented three main elements to PAT:

  • Discipline Disparities by Race at PPS
  • Current issues in the contract language, 

  • Proposed changes to the contract language, including:

    • Creating reasonable and trauma-informed standards

    • Reorienting PPS’ student discipline towards research-based restorative practices

    • Removing mandatory sentencing rules. 

We will reconvene for the second bargaining session with PAT on November 1, 2022, from 2 pm to 5 pm. PPS expects PAT to respond with a counterproposal at this session on Article 9, “Discipline and Safety.” 



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