PPS Mediation Update - September 15, 2023

September 15

Today was disappointing – for us but, most importantly, for our students and families. The Portland Association of Teachers offered no counter proposals – and yet declared impasse. This was particularly surprising given their commitment to finding resolution.


Because of this, we end today – 228 days since we began bargaining:

  • without PAT reducing their request for a 23% increase over the contract
  • without PAT making any compromise on removing mandatory minimum suspensions
  • without PAT modifying its request for exclusion spaces within schools
  • without PAT modifying its proposals to create hard classroom size caps
  • without PAT dropping its proposal that the district develop affordable housing


PAT also did not respond to the package proposal we made last week, which included a higher salary offer and a $3,000-per-year stipend for special educators.


We will meet other days for mediation despite today’s unproductive session -- October 2, 11, and 17. Despite our frustration, we continue to keep our students at the center and will strive for compromise.


Our students do not deserve this inaction in the face of potential school closures.