PPS Mediation Update - October 17, 2023

October 17

Today, we met for our sixth mediation session with the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT). We were promised a proposal by late morning. We received it after 3:30pm. We met with the mediator to discuss until 4:45pm. We prepared a counteroffer and delivered it to the mediator at 7:00pm.

PAT chose to leave before hearing our counter proposal. We were meeting with the mediator when PAT’s bargaining team said they were leaving. PAT President Bonilla then did a television interview stating the district did not provide a counter proposal – while we were sharing our counter proposal with the mediator. This was our last scheduled mediation session.

The district bargaining team had planned to stay into the night so the teams could continue to bargain. We shared an offer with the mediator that raised compensation, added more planning time, and sought compromise on student discipline.

We remain at the bargaining table. We will stay into the night. We will work weekends. We will do what it takes to reach a negotiated settlement and keep schools open. We hope PAT shares our urgency.


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