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    Construction is underway and will be completed in the summer of 2021. Kellogg Middle School is one of 4 schools will be rebuilt or modernized through the May 2017 Health, Safety and Modernization Bond.

  • Project Updates

    November 2020

    See the November project photos here.

    Kellogg Gym & Stage.

    Heading into the holidays, construction is headed toward the final stretch at the Kellogg Middle School site. On the exterior of the campus the focus the last few weeks has been site work. The entry plaza, including a concrete sign and benches, have been poured.  Work on the Student Union courtyard off the Commons, including concrete benches and circular paving, is also well underway.
    Kellogg Courtyard

    Most site pathways, including the walking path around the play field, are complete.  Landscaping work is now underway at the north end of the site.

    Kellogg open area and stairs
    Inside the building most of the spaces are nearing completion.  

    Kellogg color coded hallway
    Kellogg bathroom finish

    Wall, floor and ceiling finishes are being applied in all the rooms.

    Kellogg Kitchen equipment

    Equipment is being installed on the Stage, in the Gym, the Kitchen, and in the Learning Suites. Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing systems are almost finshed throughout the building and are now being tested and commissioned. The Kellogg building was designed to highlight sustainability and green energy and the solar photovoltaic system on the gym roof is nearing completion and will soon be generating electricity.

    Kellogg Courtyard from grand stairs

    In the coming weeks District technology staff will begin their work and furniture orders for the classrooms and other spaces will be placed.

    October 2020
    See the October project photos here.

    The exteror work on the building is nearly complete

    At the start of fall the Kellogg Middle School site is really taking shape.  Much of the building exterior is complete.

    building the walls of the Learning Garden in front of the school

    Current work involves parking lot paving, concrete work at the school’s entry plaza, building the walls of the Learning Garden in front of the school and development of the Student Union courtyard on the East side of the site.

    Student Union courtyard on the East side of the site

    On the north side of the campus, work is underway to complete the covered play area that is directly behind the gym. Landscaping work in that area focuses on the upcoming installation of walking paths and developing the play field.

    Interior hallway in painted and nearly complete
    Inside the building many classrooms and unique spaces such as the music room and auditorium/gym building are nearing completion with casework, flooring and ceilings installation underway.

    cabinet work in one of the classrooms

    Electrical power and data service is now online and major Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (M/E/P) systems are also nearly complete. The gym roof is now being prepared for the installation of a large solar photovoltaic system that will cover it. Furniture and equipment orders for the classrooms and offices are now being finalized and will arrive in early 2021.

    The music room is nearly complete

    The project remains on schedule and ready for students in the fall of 2021.

    September 2020
    See the September project photos here.

    Ext Kellogg West sept 2020

    Kellogg Middle School is progressing dramatically on the outside and inside. The building exterior is almost complete, and passersby on Powell Blvd can see the dramatic pattern of siding colors on the exterior of the three-story Learning Suites.

    Kellogg hallway
    The installation of Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (M/E/P) systems within the entire building is significantly complete, allowing for finish materials to progress rapidly from the Gym/Performing Arts wing to the Commons and Administrative Wing.. Acoustic wall panels have been mounted in the Music room and the Gym/Performing Arts space, with the installation of PE equipment at the Gym and rigging at the Performance Stage proceeding. Casework is being installed in the Administrative Wing and culinary equipment is being installed in the Kitchen. In the Learning Suites, interior painting is almost complete, providing a dramatic backdrop at the main concrete stair.  The building incorporates wayfinding colors that define each floor and wing of that section of the school. 

    Kellogg Music room
    Exterior off-site work, including new ADA ramps and sidewalks, is reaching completion, while on-site curbs, sidewalks and ramps are being installed. Paving at the parking lot, bus loop, and access road are also underway. Upcoming work in late September and into October will include installation of the Gym floor, completion of the elevator and the installation of the solar photovoltaic array on the roof of the Gym.

    July 2020
    See the July project photos here.

    East side of new Kellogg

    Great progress continues to be made on the new Kellogg Middle School. Roofing is complete on almost the entire site with only the Learning Suites on the far south of campus remaining. Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (M/E/P) systems installation is largely complete in the Gym/Performing Arts, Commons and Administrative wings, and is significantly underway on the Learning Suites. Rooftop units have been delivered and installed on the roofs. 

    HVAC unit lifted to roof

    Interior framing, window installation and drywall work is almost finished in the Gym/Performing Arts, Commons and Administrative wings. Painting is also underway, with the exterior and the interior painting of the Gym, Commons & Administrative wings moving forward. Public works projects on the south and west sides of the site are underway.  These include new sidewalks and the installation of an ADA ramp.

    Upcoming work later in July includes further progress on the roof and interior framing in the Learning Suites, the installation of wood paneling in the Gym and the construction of perimeter masonry fencing along the eastern property line.

    June 2020
    See the June project photos here.

    Kellogg Wide shot

    As you pass by the new Kellogg Middle School it seems to be transforming on a daily basis. At the start of the summer progress is visible everywhere.  Exterior framing on almost all the buildings has been completed and some colorful siding is going up on the north side of the Learning Suites. Storefront window installation is nearly finished in the Gym/Performing Arts, Commons and Administrative wings, and is well underway on the Learning Suites.

    color Panels on Kellogg

    On the inside of Kellogg, framing and drywall installation as well as Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (M/E/P) systems installation are well on their way to completion in the Gym/Performing Arts, Commons and Administrative wings.  Framing and M/E/P work is also underway in the Learning Suites.

    Kellogg stairway

    In addition, the uniquely designed Kellogg Main concrete stairway was poured recently and the formwork has been removed now that it has cured.

    May 2020
    See the May project photos here.

    Kellogg May construction

    The new Kellogg continues to take shape during the late spring. Roofing work is now underway with a standing seam metal roofing installed on the Gym and work progressing on the Commons & Administrative Wing.  With the completion of exterior framing and weather barrier on the Commons & Administrative wings, the rain screen system is being installed in preparation for cement fiber and metal siding. On the interior mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are being installed throughout the school and are nearly complete in the Gym/Performing arts wing. Interior framing is complete in the Gym/Performing Arts wing and sound insulation and drywall are being installed. Framing of walls in the Commons & Administrative wings is nearly complete and is underway in the Learning Suites.  Finally, the shoring and formwork for the cast-in-place main concrete stairway is complete, and concrete pour are now underway.

    March 2020

    Kellogg framing with flower

    The new Kellogg Middle School is being transformed week by week.  Thanks to a mild winter and unusually sunny days, crews have made significant strides as anyone who has passed by the site can see.  All the three floors of the learning tower have been poured and the roof deck has been installed, with insulation and roofing layers coming soon. Interior framing is underway and you can start to see where the hallways and rooms are laid out. The auditorium stage area framing is done and insulation has been blown in.  The Gym roof is closed in and ready for the installation of the metal roofing.

    The exterior wall sheathing and waterproofing is almost completed for the gym locker rooms, band room, receiving/storage area, kitchen, commons, and main office area. The main entrance canopy is up and looking grand and the multi-story metal stairways are now being installed.  View the March construction pictures here

    Kellogg East side

    January 2020

    Kellogg Steel framing

    Steel framing on Kellogg Middle School is almost complete, with "topping out" to occur later this month as the final steel beam is placed atop the 3-story Learning Suites structure. The Gym and Performing Arts structures will be dried in, allowing interior wall framing to begin. At that point, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems can start to be installed within the building.

    November 2019

    Kellogg steel framing

    The Kellogg Middle School construction has reached a milestone, with completion of all slabs-on-grade and the erection of the Gym/Performing Arts wing concrete tilt panels. Steel has begun to arrive on site which is allowing the Gym structure to be enclosed, the Commons framing to take shape, and planning for the 3-story Learning Suites structure to begin. A mock-up of the building envelope, including roofing, siding and windows, is being constructed on-site to allow the contractor and designers to finalize how these components will be assembled on the actual building.

    Kellogg walls go up

    Planning for furnishings, fixtures and equipment is continuing, with input from stakeholders, and selection of classroom technology is being finalized. A mock-up of classroom technology is being prepared off-site to allow the contractor as well as District staff to learn how this technology will work in the new building ahead of time.

    October 2019

    The contractor is proceeding with major construction activities, including completion of underground utilities, and completion of all of the gym and commons footings and slabs, with the concrete tilt wall forms/pours more than halfway complete. The forms/pours for half the learning suites building footings are completed and excavation for the other half of footings is complete. The final excavation and decommissioning of underground drywells and debris piles is complete.

    March 2019

    The Kellogg Middle School Rebuild Project is moving forward toward construction of an innovative new middle school in SE Portland.  It replaces the 100-year-old Kellogg building that served several generations of students.  Demolition of the old school was completed in 2018 and materials from the that building have been salvaged for re-use in the new building. The final phase of design for the new Kellogg Middle School is underway and will be complete in early 2019.  

    In January the City of Portland approved the Kellogg project’s Conditional Use and Adjustment application. This opens the door for the project team to submit the Building Permit application in March, which the City has committed to include in their Fast-Track Review Process.

    Planning for the new Kellogg Middle School program will be launched by the district in 2019. This process will include hiring a new planning principal.

    Going forward construction is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2020. At that time the new building will be outfitted with furnishings, fixtures, and equipment in early 2021 to allow school administrators to train new teachers and staff ahead of the arrival of students in the Fall of 2021.

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  • Project Team

    Oh planning+design, architecture, is the architecture firm that PPS selected for the replacement of Kellogg Middle School.  Oh is a local woman owned Portland firm with expertise and attention to crafting inspired learning environments that allow adaptability over time.  The OH team places an emphasis on designing proactively for the needs of the environment and responsible sourcing of materials. 

    Todd Construction is the general contractor for the Faubion rebuild. Todd Construction has been serving the construction needs of the Pacific Northwest since 1940.