SEIU Nutrition Services

    June 1, 2020

    Updated Work Expectations

    Nutrition Services staff are expected to report to work when asked to prepare and distribute meals at identified meal hub sites, offering meals to our highest needs students. 

    SEIU members who are eligible for the PPS Work Share program are working a reduced schedule. A reduced schedule means you are not expected to work during the time you have reduced hours. All eligible employees will have their schedules reduced by 20% per week. If you typically work 5 days a week, this means you will most likely not work on Fridays.  

    Your weekly hours will be reduced by 20%, and your workload necessarily will be reduced. Please work with your supervisor on questions about how this reduction will affect your workload.

    Work expectations and compensation are adjusted accordingly.

    SEIU members who are not eligible for the PPS Work Share program continue working their full hours and should discuss their schedule with their supervisor.

    March 20, 2020 
    Work expectations
    Nutrition Services will be needed throughout the closure and expected to report to work, as assigned.  While planning is still underway and continues to evolve, we will continue to support certain sites that will be offering meals to our highest needs students and childcare services to health workers and emergency responders, as required by the Governor’s Executive Order, during the closure. 


    You will be paid for your regularly scheduled days and hours of work regardless of whether you are asked to report to work. If you are asked to report to work and you are unable to do so for personal reasons, you may use your available, appropriate leave balance (vacation, personal/emergency, or sick) or go unpaid. 

    Your health benefits will be maintained as per usual through this closure.