Non-Represented Employees

    June 1, 2020

    Updated Work Expectations
    While district school buildings are physically closed, school is open and in session conducting distance-learning.  Non-represented employees are expected to complete their work remotely as much as possible.  As counties begin to move into Phase I of reopening, the district is developing site safety plans and each department leader will create a departmental safety plan. Depending on your position and job responsibilities, you may be asked to physically report to your work site to complete tasks. 

    Note: Non-represented employees who are eligible for the PPS Work Share program are working a reduced schedule. A reduced schedule means you are not expected to work during the time you have reduced hours. All eligible employees will have their schedules reduced by 20% per week. If you typically work 5 days a week, this means you will most likely not work on Fridays.  

    Your weekly hours will be reduced by 20%, and your workload necessarily will be reduced. Please work with your supervisor on questions about how this reduction will affect your workload.

    Work expectations and compensation are adjusted accordingly.

    Non-represented employees who are not eligible for the PPS Work Share program continue working their full hours and should discuss their schedule with their supervisor.

    March 20, 2020

    Work expectations 
    As previously communicated, employees who are able to work remotely are expected to do so and need to discuss with their supervisors what work expectations will be. Expectations will vary greatly depending on your role and the circumstances of this unusual closure. 

    The Governor’s Executive Order requires school districts to provide some continuing services to students (such as supplemental education) and some additional services (such as meal services and childcare at some locations).  While we have teams of dedicated staff working long hours on how to deliver these important services to our community, we do not yet know all the details. In addition, the district needs to maintain essential operational services and the Emergency Operations Center, among other services.  Please stay in contact with your supervisor on current and changing expectations.  

    With the technology that allows remote access, Google hangout meetings, and collaboration, core functions and essential services are expected to be maintained as much as is reasonably possible throughout the closure.


    Active, non-represented employees who are regularly scheduled to work on the days of the extended closure will be paid for their regularly scheduled days and hours of work. If you have been asked to work but are unable to do so, you should use appropriate leave. 

    If you had a previously scheduled vacation or personal time, you should continue to use vacation or personal leave for days that you are on vacation and not working. Because of closures and guidance at the district and nationwide, we understand that employees may need to change prior plans. Please work with your supervisor on any questions regarding previously scheduled time off or sick leave.

    Your health benefits will be maintained as per usual through this closure.