• Professional Development FAQs and Directions 

    April 02, 2020



    Dear Educators,

    As a reminder, the following professional development activities should be completed by the end of this week:

    Professional Development Expectations - Week of March 30, 2020 

    • All PAT staff are required to take the Cultivating Community Resilience course through Elena Aguilar’s company, BrightMorning. This is a 6-week course with modules released every Tuesday. Follow up live sessions will then be available on Thursdays and will be recorded for later access. 
    • All K-2 teachers need to take the online course in Pepper on Seesaw. 
    • All 3-12 teachers need to take the online course in Pepper on Google Classroom. 
    • (Exception: if you already use Seesaw for your K-2 classroom or Google Classroom for your 3-12 classroom(s), the Pepper courses on these topics are not required).
    • All K-12 teachers need to take the online course in Pepper on Atlas

    In addition to the professional development listed above, you should complete the following social-emotional professional development series. 

    Directions on how to access the Social Emotional Learning course

    1. Go to https://brightmorning.thinkific.com/courses/Portland and create an account. Please use your PPS email to create an account or you will not be granted access.
    2. Once you create an account, you will receive via email information about accessing the modules and videos. The modules are released on Tuesdays with a follow-up live video on Thursdays. The modules began March 31st and go through May 5th.  The Tuesday modules are required and the Thursday live video is supplemental. 
    3. Please mark attendance on Thursdays following the Tuesday module. You can mark your attendance in Pepper under PD Calendar. Click “PD Calendar” and then search by “Technology”. Attendance codes are case sensitive. Attendance codes for the week will be released on Thursdays at pps.net/teacher.
    4. Directions on how to record your own attendance.
    5. If you need help troubleshooting the videos and content through BrightMorning, please reach out directly to them. If you need help with Pepper, please reach out to IT Support. 




    Attendance Code


    Cultivating Community Resilience: Introduction Session



    Cultivating Community Resilience: Follow-Up Session 1



    Cultivating Community Resilience: Follow-Up Session 2

    To Be Released 4/9/20


    Cultivating Community Resilience: Follow-Up Session 3

    To Be Released 4/16/20


    Cultivating Community Resilience: Follow-Up Session 4

    To Be Released 4/23/20


    Cultivating Community Resilience: Follow-Up Session 5

    To Be Released 4/30/20


    Cultivating Community Resilience: Follow-Up Session 6

    To Be Released 5/7/20


    Directions on how to access the following Pepper courses: 

    • PT1018 Introduction to Google Classroom
    • PT1033 Introduction to Atlas (Grades K-12 Teachers)
    • PT1034 Google Hangouts Meet (Grades 3-12 Teachers)
    • PT1035 Seesaw Home Learning & Family Engagement (Grades K-2 Teachers)
    1. Log in to pepper.pps.net, which is also available from the PPS Staff page, and enter your PPS username and password.
    2. To access the courses, click on the "View All" button located under the "Available Courses" in the lower right.

    You may also use the Search function (upper left side) by entering the course code or name and then clicking on the magnifying glass. 

    1. Click on the “Course Details
    2. Click on “Access Course”
    3. Once you start the course, it will be listed under “My Current Course” section.

    I want to thank you all for your flexibility and understanding as we reimagine what the remainder of the school year looks like. We have students and families to support and I know that you have your own families to consider, as well. These are challenging times, but PPS educators always rise to the occasion. Thank you for your dedication to those we serve.


    Shawn Bird, Ed.D.

    Chief of Schools
    Portland Public Schools